Glimpse of the Future Online Events

December 10th Event

10:00 – Ronan CollinsGAMUDA Engineering  - Viewpoint case study

GAMUDA Engineering are using Viewpoint For Projects for document control, drawing reviews and BIM management. This collaboration platform enables improved communications across all projects providing a reliable resource. We will illustrate how we use Field View for onsite data collection, progress tracking and reporting. These are key platforms for our digital transformation and the foundation of our data analytics for construction project management.

10:15 – Adrian SmithE7  - Bruce Highway Upgrade Case Study

The Bruce Highway Upgrade is a £500M project in Queensland, Australia. Nearing completion in 2021, the project is reporting improved oversight and real-time identification of productivity issues as some of the benefits they currently enjoy. Adrian is Co-Founder and Head of Engineering for E7, the Australian software product deployed by the contracting joint venture delivering the project. E7 is delivering technology advances for the construction industry with a specialisation in leveraging Lean and Agile methods to develop practical and innovative engineering solutions.

10:30 – Rotem RavidINTSITE 

INTSITE employs AI and Deep Learning to optimize and automate the machinery at the center of a worksite, transforming the performance of industries focused on heavy machinery such as construction and mining. Originally developed as a guidance system and smart dashboard for construction cranes, this technology has expanded to the mining industry where experience with mid-size excavators create similar challenges to both efficiency and profitability.

10:45 – Andrew Norrie 3D Repo 

Pioneers of cloud-based BIM coordination platform, 3D Repo, have been working on an exciting new integration for importing 4D Synchro models into the 3D Repo cloud. The integration will improve planning and collaboration on construction projects as sequences can be easily shared with other team members and commented on directly inside the web browser for immediate feedback. Join this presentation to learn how the Synchro integration with 3D Repo works and how it will improve collaboration and productivity.


13:00 – Andy Wardxbim 

The open source xbim Toolkit for BIM open standards has become a fundamental building block in countless BIM solutions, seeded hundreds of specialist software products, and along the way enabled thousands of organisations to impact construction projects and asset managers across the globe. As well as highlighting some case studies this talk will show you how you can benefit from xbim solutions in your organisation today - even if you're not a software specialist. Andy will also look forward and show how upcoming support for 'linear' infrastructure projects will enable more projects to get value from open BIM processes, and finish by discussing what the future holds for OpenBIM.

13:15 – Paul Wilkinson - Extranet Evolution 

Paul Wilkinson is an independent industry watcher and technology evangelist, active in the UK BIM Alliance (chair of its Technology Group), ThinkBIM and Constructing Excellence, among other groups. He will talk about current themes in UK government and industry technology discussions, and how these relate to digital transformation of the sector.

13:30 – Rande RobinsonNorth Carolina Department of Transportation

“No Easy Button – moving road transportation projects into the 21st century.”

This presentation will look at a couple of, but by no means all, of the issues facing transportation departments as they move from the comforts of 2D to the world of BIM, 3D Design and other related advanced technologies. Rande will discuss some of the concerns, issues, problems and solutions being implemented at the North Carolina Department of Transportation as he moves both his organization and highway engineering technology in general forward.

13:45 – Mirko RossAsvin – Cybersecurity track

This interactive session will make heavy use of our polling capability to ask and as best we can answer the following questions:

- How vulnerable are you being hacked and what can you do about it?

- In the pandemic if you can't travel to your customer, their data needs to travel to you. But how can we setup a cybersecure journey for that data?

- IoT is broken because defect are found in almost all devicess. How can we fix broken security in Internet of Thngs?"

- The lifecycle of buildings and machines are decades but for smart devices only two to five years. How do we manage the lifecycle problem of smart buildings?