Glimpse of the Future 11th of February Event

Video recordings from each of the sessions are linked from the description of each talk below. If you want to see how the whole event unfolded here is a  link to a recording of the stream.

11th of Feb Agenda

9:00 – RAMM Software, a thinkproject companyFleur Tytheridge

Case Study – Keeping the Cook Islands Connected

Even the most remote places with the greenest infrastructure need technology to help communities stay connected. thinkproject puts the Cook Islands ‘on the Map’ with RAMM, its unique asset and work management solution.

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9:15 – Proficient Software – Oliver Roche

Case Study – Managing Risk Remotely – Hyatt Centric Hotel, Kota Kinbalu (Borneo), Malaysia

A cloud based PM solution successfully managing communications, documents & all aspects of field operations digitally on this remote project with consultants from Japan, Australia, etc, Operator from US and Contractor from Peninsular Malaysia.

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9:30 – Uniphi – Mark Heath 

Got 100bn to spend? A WBS ain’t going to cut it!

Multi dimensional matrices and distributed data capture as an alternative to traditional closed and top down planning structures. See how UniPhi uses meta data to create complex data structures that result in AI driven planning decisions on large scale infrastructure projects.

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9:45 – thevirtualpmo – your virtual partner – Subash Tavares

Bringing together a virtual selection of people, processes and tools to offer public and private sector delivery organisations consultation and strategic advice to accomplish their objectives efficiently and economically. We utilise your locally centred resources supported by us and our global reachback.

As the founder of thevirtualpmo, Subash Tavares is an innovative, ambitious and results-driven senior leader. Recognised for his strong relationship-building skills, Subash has a proven record in leading large multinational teams to success. He is at the very heart of thevirtualpmo culture and philosophy: ‘nihil praeter optimum’ – nothing but the best

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10:30 – Robert Bird Group Chris Pires

4D at Concept – Construction Methodology and Erection Sequencing

Chris will be presenting a live demonstration of RBG Reveal which is an in-house platform that enables project stakeholders to experience, interact with and collaborate on, built assets in a virtual environment.

RBG simulate the method of construction in a virtual environment from concept planning, this gives the design team the opportunity to optimise the design & to eliminate risks and reduce others. Our Construction engineering services coupled with the VDC process allows RBG to Hand over to the contractor the bear minimum of residual risks

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10:45 –  John Sisk & Son – Josh Hanson

Case Study – Use of 4d for the Isle of Mann Ferry Terminal in Liverpool

4D planning is at the forefront of project execution at John Sisk, and is implemented as early as possible in the project stage, to ensure the most validated, robust and safe sequence of works is accomplished.

The Isle of Man Ferry Terminal Project has implemented 4D Planning in line with design, to ensure each section of the project; Existing, Temporary and proposed, is digitally rehearsed and validated prior to any works taking place.

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11:00 – Virtuosity, a Bentley Company – Alicia Llorens

Case Studies in Reality Modelling with Bentley ContextCapture

ContextCapture is Bentley’s reality modelling application which allows for the generation, editing and sharing of engineering-ready 3D meshes from images or point clouds. This presentation will feature three customer success stories:

  •  Drone inspections with Eyefly
  •  Deployment as a platform across Fairfleet’s 2500 drone strong organisation
  •  Oil tank inspections with Falcker

Leverage ContextCapture to streamline capture-to-model workflows, eliminate time-consuming translations, and accelerate image and point-cloud data performance to provide precise digital context for design, construction, and operations. More info 

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11:15 – Soluis Scott Grant

Democratising digital workflow with experiential visualisation: A route to risk-free project dialogue

With the ever-increasing complexity of model data and the digital workflows that they support the need for clear communication has never been more important. Most of the persistent issues on projects arise from problems in translation or the inability of stakeholders to provide meaningful input early enough to influence outcomes. Despite the promise of VR as a panacea for delivering certainty across all stages of construction, this hasn’t yet materialised for a number of practical reasons. Visualisation must continue to improve to embrace a next-level definition that reduces emphasis on passive media and replaces this with a reality-based experiential interaction that leaves no room for doubt during project dialogue. Areas of opportunity are: review of reality capture, concept design, planning, investor presentations, detailed design, 4D build planning, site monitoring, training, property marketing and leasing and operations.

In this short presentation we will cover how we have been able to provide numerous high profile projects with a next-level immersive review process and a platform for inclusive dialogue with all stakeholders that removes doubt, inspires confidence and accelerates decision-making.  More info

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11:30 – NBS – Stephen Hamil

Collaborative specification in the cloud

Discover how specifications can be developed collaboratively through the project timeline using the NBS platforms, NBS Chorus and NBS Source. Dr Stephen Hamil, Innovation Director at NBS, will showcase how you can use technology to coordinate your models and specifications and maintain an audit trail of decisions to help ensure desired project outcomes.

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11:45 – C2 Cyber – Jonathan Wood

Case Study in Supply Chain Risk Management

C2 Cyber Ltd are experts in cyber security and vendor risk management. Our services help you baseline, manage and monitor the risk posed to your information security from your supply chain. Our intelligent platform and team of security experts will work with you and your suppliers to improve security and in most cases make information sharing more efficient. With recent news including breaches by vendors in several big cases and for suppliers we all use, this is a critical part of making sure you keep your data safe and comply with ever more stringent privacy laws.

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12:00 – Speakers panel for questions then open chat