9:00 – Vicki Reynolds, I3PT and Women in BIM

Vicki will be discussing the importance of lifecycle data management, and how digital tools can improve quality and track accountability throughout a project. She will also be talking about how the client can, and should, be stepping up to take ownership of their asset information from planning right through to decommissioning.

9:15 – Adam Lampingthinkproject

BIM has helped to start the AECO sector to think about data, but to date BIM has had mixed results in terms of impacting outputs and outcomes. One reason for this is that typically the delivery of BIM relies on several tools that specialise in a small number of use cases, often adding cost and complexity which diminish the potential gains. Thinkproject DESITE offers the ability to undertake a number of BIM use cases in a single solution, providing automation opportunities and a more rationalised IT investment.

9:30 – Richard BrothertonArchdesk

Construction its now proving technology can solve the most complex of projects and developers and construction companies can be hugely successful if looked at holistically and not trapped in silos, Archdesk gives you a paradigm that enables this to happen.

9:45 – Matt ThompsettGreen Lemon Company

A case study in de-risking land acquisition using a low-code approach to replace a complex manual process reliant on unwieldy excel spreadsheets. The outcome is a fully adaptive web application which delivers as much functionality on a field operative’s tablet as on the laptop back at the office. Comprising of a customisable, tile driven, front-end, user interface the application blends sophisticated data sets supplied by 3rd parties with beautiful mapping capabilities custom-built using the OutSystems Platform. The application enables offline processing, its core is a high-fidelity question structure that delivers unparalleled diligence and accuracy.

10:00 – Mo Shana’aMorta

Morta offers a next-generation spreadsheet for construction, allowing organisations to improve data quality, connect siloed information and automate processes. We will be talking about how organisations across the supply chain are adopting our solution to streamline processes such as payment application management, productivity management and information management.

10:30 – Martin Belcher – 4PS UK

What creates the need for adopting a new ERP solution and how do you know you have picked the right one for your business? Is there anything that you need to be prepared for during the implementation process? How can you realise the benefits of your chosen solution? Join us for insights presented by Paul Lloyd, Head of Digital at Altrad Services UK to learn about the digital journey of the global industry leader. This is customer presentation focused on lessons learnt when deploying ERP as a part of group-wide Digital Transformation Strategy.

10:45 – George Smithies – InnDex

An end-to-end workforce management platform built by construction professionals. Simple in use, yet powerful in function. A customer centric platform which adds value to the whole supply chain and removes data silos. George will be presenting a case study on a £300m UK construction business innDex was recently rolled out across. He will share the rollout process, value to date and future vision working with Readie Construction.

11:00 – Fiona GrahamCauseway

Fiona will discuss how Causeway Technologies, a leading provider of construction software solutions, provides businesses with more visibility and control over the source to pay process. She will focus on how firms can remove paper by using technology to seamlessly integrate and transfer data from the earliest planning phase of a project, right the way through to payment. The presentation will include a case study on a Tier 1 contractor.

11:15 – Lukas Olbrich, Sablono

Sablono is the world’s first Construction Execution Platform for the management and monitoring of large-scale construction projects. With a clear focus on processes, our unique system integrates all aspects of time, quality and costs in one central digital platform for seamless real-time project controls in even the most complex project environments.

11:30 – Paul Vogels and Suzanne OudwaterPrimaned

The next generation of scheduling practices has arrived. This cloud based, mobile-enabled solution unites lean planner scheduling and traditional critical path method (CPM) approaches for complete coordination, commited and more successful and profitable projects. The Last Planner is a holistic system, meaning that each of its parts is necessary to support lean project planning and execution (commitment from the team). It incorporates methods such as lean scheduling and proactive control in order to serve two main goals of ‘Lean’: minimize waste and maximize value.

15:00Richard WoodSafran Software

Richard Wood, CEO of Safran Software Solutions, will share his vision for the future of Project Controls, and Risk Management and analytics in particular.  How will changes in technology superimposed on an increasingly risky and complex world impact even the way we think about projects?  What will be the revolutionary impact on our day jobs in project and risk management?  The way we think about projects is about to undergo a massive refresh.

15:15 – Hugh GeogheganVerifi3D by Xinaps

Data validation is a crucial, yet challenging process in the AEC industry. Model coordination is essential for a good workflow. In this talk, we will demonstrate how Xinaps’ cloud-based model checker, Verifi3D, simplifies the process and mitigates risks

17:00 – Ron BabichHammertech

HammerTech works with leading contractors to solve their field safety challenges. Consolidate your field safety applications into an all-in-one field safety platform. Manage enrollments, orientations, JHAs, permits, pre-start checklists and more from one central location. From pre-construction to close-out, we put safety operations into the palm of your hand.

17:15 –Rick Deans InEight

Why do some software implementations fail, while others are transformative? What common elements are there in each group? Join Rick Deans, InEight’s EVP of Industry Engagement, as he discusses real world examples he’s seen over his 20+ year career in helping Large Enterprise and Small-Medium Businesses alike, in selecting and successfully implementing the right tools for the job.

17:30 – Niknaz Aftahiaec+tech

aecplustech is an online platform that features the use of the latest tools and technologies in the AEC industry. It allows the users whether they are tech innovators looking for companies interested in their products, or professionals looking for the right tools for their projects to keep up with and compare the most popular technologies applicable to their projects. Our broad view of the market includes but is not limited to energy modeling, project management, generative design and construction technologies.