Every company that presents at a Glimpse event has a compelling story of delivering remarkable value for their clients.  Many are startups or relatively recent to the marketplace, but a few are the visionary leaders of our industry. We only showcase solutions we truly believe have the potential to deliver significant improvements to your projects.

You may have noticed that the market is awash in a tsunami of innovation. This makes it difficult to know which products will provide genuine value to your project. It also makes it hard for companies developing new tech to reach new audiences.  This is due to two trends:

  • Veterans leaving the work force trying in monetise their know-how, and
  • The ease with which software solutions can now be developed.

The result is a noisy and confused market full of applications, many of which have a lot of overlapping functionality.

Glimpse of the Future showcases the best independent software vendors, consultancies and service providers. Last year we ran five in-person events with attendance between 60-100 people. (Here’s a write up of our third event from Paul Wilkinson). We are now moving to an online format. The intention is to run a mix of in person and online events in future.

Each of the companies below have either presented in the past or are invitees for the future. Companies that have committed are listed on the agenda on the Events page.

We only work with providers who can prove their products provide value. That might be by saving time and money, increasing collaboration or making projects safer. If your product fits the bill, and you have a case-study you would like to present at a future Glimpse event, get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

3D Repo is a multi-award-winning company offering a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the cloud. Instead of architects, consultants and contractors sharing massive proprietary files in a costly and time-consuming manner, they can simply point their web browser to an encrypted knowledge base to examine each project stage virtually. With 3D Repo, users can manage model revisions and highlight potential issues using live collaboration tools, which allow the whole project team to work from a single source of truth. 

Remodelling Kings Cross Railway Station Case Study

The innovative APDocs platform takes the pain from the management of business documents. Our solution enables organisations to reduce costs and improve efficiency with intelligent automation, flexible workflows and robust document storage in a modern, mobile software solution built on the AWS platform. A simple pay-per-use pricing model, paying only for what you use, not for the number of users while providing accessibility for contractors, sub-contractors and third parties as needed without additional license costs to the project. As a highly efficient document management system, APDocs has a proven track record in delivering complete and comprehensive documentation for the most complex of projects.

Indura case study

Planner is a replacement for traditional look-ahead tools that uniquely features clash detection to help projects sequence their works both efficiently and safely. It also has powerful statusing capability designed for tracking root cause analysis.

Tarmac Case Study


Archdesk is an innovative workflow management solution, created for the construction and production industries. Developed by experienced industry experts, this system solves the real challenges your company faces by optimising the entire workflow, not only its separate processes. The system modelling of the most complex and advanced projects, giving you full control over each stage of processes. 

Bratislava Center revitalisation case study – 1B Euro budget!

Buildsafe – “Our construction projects and the people connected to them need world-class digital and mobile tools, and for the digital journey we are in the middle of, we need partners at the forefront – BuildSafe is one of them.”

– Anders Rehnström, COO, Skanska

Churchill Retirement Case Study

Cleopatra Enterprise provides an integrated solution for total cost management, dedicated for large industrial projects. It is the only tool integrating true cost estimating, scheduling, cost control and benchmarking. As an independent and reliable provider of total cost management software for more than 20 years, Cleopatra Enterprise has been a stable factor in an otherwise turbulent market.

Case Studies Library

Enstoa: Modern digital project management information systems (PMIS) provide organizations with an integrated enterprise platform for cost, schedule and resource management. But a full-size, customized PMIS solution involves too many decisions, too long to a path to ROI, and considerable expense. That’s why we made Thryssa, Enstoa’s best-practice-driven, fastest to deploy, right-sized solution for capital projects management.

Oil and gas case study

Paul Wilkinson is a technology writer and blogger, covering construction-related developments in cloud computing, SaaS collaboration, BIM, data and mobile. He is deputy chair of the digital transformation panel at the Institution of Civil Engineers, and is involved with COMIT, ThinkBIM, the UK BIM Alliance and Constructing Excellence. 

Glimpse Event writeup

Freeform – Advanced 4D Modelling. Freeform works with construction teams to improve project delivery through the use of visual and collaborative planning. Freeform was founded in 2007 on the idea that 4D modelling is more than just a communication tool. With backgrounds in engineering and project management, we apply real world knowledge and experience that leads to improved project outcomes. These include improved time, change, risk and safety management.  Project Portfolio

GA Lab is the innovative software solution for management of the gap analysis process. It provides you with a structured environment and a logically streamlined workflow. The system incorporates all essential elements of the commonly used gap analysis process into a single comprehensive framework that takes most of the pain away and lets you concentrate on productive work. GA Lab system provides tools and functionality to plan and facilitate gap analysis and gap assessment for any standard/regulation, any industry, and any project of any scale and complexity, involving an unlimited number of people.

HKA is one of the world’s leading privately owned, independent providers of consulting, expert and advisory services for the construction, manufacturing, process and technology industries. We also have particular experience advising clients on the economic impact of commercial and investment treaty disputes and in forensic accounting matters. In addition, HKA supports companies that conduct business with the US Federal Government, providing them with consulting services on complex government contracting matters.

Ineight – Put our more than 25 years of construction project management software technology to work for you. Our solutions span projects from design to estimate and from field execution to turnover. They give you the real-time information and insights you need to minimize risks, improve operational efficiency, control project costs, make educated decisions and collaborate easily with all project stakeholders.

Customer Stories 

JustManage is changing the way we manage construction. A smart application system, that creates collaboration among all the teams in real time, and provides the right knowledge in a simple way.

Customer list

Layer 8 – Reports continually evidence anywhere between 90% and 100% of security breaches are caused through human error. Which means they could have been prevented.From our many years in the industry, and backgrounds in training and behavioural psychology, we know that when we change, when we really change, we’ve usually had a conversation. A conversation can help us to make decisions or stick to them or develop new skills. Conversation is our catalyst for change, and if we remove it from our security awareness/culture programmes we lose our ability to change behaviour.

Security Champions case study

Loadspring – Cloud Project Management Made Easy. Loadspring are obsessed with customizing all kinds of Cloud-based Project Control software solutions. Our Cloud Gurus are fanatical about providing fast, easy, secure Cloud access for all your apps, data and collaborations. That means more control over productivity and better business solutions. Let us lighten your IT and Admin load and streamline your whole operation.

Video testimonial from CH2M

OpenSpace ensures you have your job site captured and automatically mapped to project plans. OpenSpace’s cutting-edge 360 photo documentation technology products help document sites quickly and efficiently so you can keep up with today’s fast-paced workflows. OpenSpace’s 360 photo documentation software lets you visit any point in time through an interactive 360 map of your site. Zoom in and explore every detail of your plan to review progress as it happens. It’s reality capture for construction site progress.

Suffolk Construction video case study

PMWeb’s best-in-class Construction Program Management Software Solution was built from the ground up for owners and construction professionals to handle the entire Plan, Build and Operate lifecycle needs in an easy to use web-based platform. 

NHS Property Services Case Study

ResoLex is an independent project consultancy specialising in risk monitoring, collaborative working and stakeholder engagement. We use a combination of behavioural theory, technology, and deep industry experience to help project teams create new answers to old problems. A project cannot be successful unless meets stakeholder needs. Our focus is to ensure that the team has the capacity and capability to deliver on its promises.

HS2 Collaboration Team Case Study

Resolving is the solution to manage operations with risks reduced by trusted information exchange, and progressive analysis for all your projects.

Rabot Dutilleul Construction  Case Study

Roar Data’s roots go back to 1998, when our founder Robin was working as a consultant structural & civil engineer. Frustrated by the chaos and mistakes caused by handling of data on CDs and by email, he set about creating the first web based project controls platform. This was immediately adopted by the UK retail chain Debenhams and developer Pillar Property. Debenhams remains a valued client to this day.

The Sablono Platform for process and supply chain management has been implemented in major projects across the UK, Middle East and Europe. Learn how projects like London Greenwich Peninsula, Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Humboldt Forum in Berlin gained real-time insights into project delivery by implementing one central digital platform for process management of all trades involved.

Greenwich Peninsula video case study.

Safran – Whether you’re tackling a complex capital project, managing a turnaround, or planning operational maintenance, Safran’s integrated project management tools will make life easier. Case Study Library

What does the job of Risk Manager look like in 5 years? Richard Wood and Chris Ritson from Safran talk about their vision of the future and how the increasing pace of technological innovation will change and mould the role of anyone managing risks in complex projects. Link to thought leadership video

ShapeDo’s cloud platform automatically identify changes to drawings, utilizing image analysis software. The platform expedites a systematic review process, using improved tracking on project controls (RFI, EW, CE, etc).
ShapeDo has been used on over 100 projects worldwide, including railways, airports, ports, highways, schools, hospitals, and commercial and residential buildings.

Ashtrom case study

ThirdCurve are positive disrupters to the project controls and project management professions, advising the leading programmes, organisations and governments on their application of cutting edge technological and human solutions to their delivery problems and opportunities.

Case Studies

Tridify – The BIM Publishing Service for combining, sharing and viewing IFC models in a web browser. Bring in your models from any software and we’ll take care the rest.


WSP Case Study

UniPhi produces innovative web and mobile based solutions to assist organisations manage their portfolio of projects. The key difference and the thing that makes UniPhi software unique, is that it supports all aspects of project work. UniPhi enables effective collaboration by all members of a project, from managers right through to the completion of work by team members. This range of functionality is presented through a cloud based architecture that allows for anywhere access and frees up your staff to work wherever they are most productive.

Easing Sydney Congestion – UniPhi case study for client AECOM