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Introducing Aphex Planner

Planner is a replacement for traditional look-ahead tools that uniquely features clash detection to help projects sequence their works both efficiently and safely. It also has powerful statusing capability designed for tracking root cause analysis.

SPL Powerlines Case Study

Presentation date: 13 August 2020

SPL Powerlines partnered with eviFile to deliver digital progressive assurance across all of the built assets on the programme. This case study looks at the challenges of rolling out the technology and the lessons learned. We’ll also take a look at the opportunities the  completion of the project has generated in utilising connected applications to put assurance at the very start of any major infrastructure programme.

Introducing Cleopatra

This presentation will go into the fundamentals of process improvement and will sketch the necessary steps towards improving your Project Controls approach. It will not only go into the integration of the various phases in the project lifecycle, but also explains the triangle of Process, Tooling and Knowledge. Stefan Bakker will also share a case of how their professional project controls software Cleopatra Enterprise has helped the international industry leading company Heineken deliver their projects on time and within budget.

Horizon Nuclear Power Case Study

Hitachi’s recent decision to suspend the £15.5 billion investment in Horizon, a Company set up to build and operate a brand new nuclear power station follows hot on the heels of Toshiba’s divestment and the abandonment of a similar scheme late last year. However, Horizon had made great strides to formulate, design and implement its controls strategy that would last 10 years into the future. By looking into the future, analysing emerging trends the concept of building base systems and implementing with incremental value add-ons was already taking shape.

Introducing Turbo Chart

Santosh showed how his client John Holland used Turbo-Chart to visualise their linear project schedules, transforming existing data into Time Location charts in minutes.

Ramboll Case Study

Insight is a Connected Planning platform that brings together all colleagues in the project portfolio eco-system onto a secure, real-time Cloud database. The platform uniquely enables the bi-directional connection of Excel™ spreadsheets while overcoming their well-known limitations. Find out how Ramboll Group saw a 90% reduction in reporting effort, 70% reduction in time to finalise the monthly Board Pack and achieved sustainable cost reduction across the top 100 projects of over €4m per year.

Introducing Freeform

Freeform provides 4D BIM delivery and implementation planning. The team are expert in the building of 4D models and advise on the best application of this technology. Learn how Freeform have helped major clients cut costs and identify substantial efficiency improvements through 4D modelling.


The Creative Engine – The World’s First Digital Studio

Andy has spent the last 30+ years developing and promoting interactive digital experiences. His client list includes Google, Microsoft, Sonos, Intel, IBM, DixonsCarphonewarehouse and many other top brands. 

Introducing OpenSpace

Construction project records are often problematic in retrospective project analysis. OpenSpace is a project management tool. It passively records progress on site through the use of a 360-degree camera. It is a single source of fact, using AI technology to position recorded information within the site location. It transforms video data into a Google-style map of the project to monitor progress and measure change by comparing the same space at different dates side-by-side.

An Overview of GroupBC

BIM + GIS = Competitive Insight – Connecting your projects and assets to BIM, GIS and IoT in a CDE environment opens up a new world of business insight and intelligence. In this illustrative talk, Stephen Crompton (CPO GroupBC) shows how project teams at Mackley, Thames Water and HS2 are benefitting from the power of location and connected data.

Introducing MeetingQuality – Applied AI for better business

Many of us work for organisations with effective project controls comprising of capable people, effective process, best of breed tools and dedicated support. However many of us will happily state that our meetings are poorly prepared for, inefficient, dysfunctional, deliver less outcome than expected and do not have consequences. We are building a tool for Governance Operation to enable the hard and soft data we use for governance meetings to be probed via dashboards plus the ability to generate actions, notes, risks and decisions interactively within meetings.

The Crown Estate Round Three Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Programme

Roy joined the Crown Estate in 2007 to spearhead the commercialisation of the then Marine Portfolio. Using his commercial and project experience, he set about creating a procurement strategy that would ensure that the Round Three Offshore Wind Programme would be delivered in a structured efficient manner. To do this involved the establishment of a Project Controls Team and introducing E-Procurement, Planning and Project Accounting Software. In a five year period, he oversaw the investment of in excess of £300 million into the Marine Sector within the Crown Estate.

The Buro Happold approach to BIM

Shaun will cover the range of tools needed to carry out BIM but not as many see it. Rather than Building Information Modelling, he will talk about Better Information Management.

Keynote on the State of Digital Construction

DJ discussed his experiences and opinions on how digital ways of working reduce the likelihood and severity of disputes.

Designtech Approach to Iterative Design

This talk will focus on a new methodology Enstoa are developing for early-stage feasibility design. This innovative new tool allows you to upload site information and constraints, and generate thousands of suitable designs. You can then make decisions based on concise information. The result is the ability to make capital expenditure decisions based on provable data-sets.

Introducing Invicara

BIM is a great foundation for handover but, at the end of the day, just 3D models can’t address all of the owner’s information requirements. Learn how Invicara’s state of the art platform helped clients like Hensel Phelps streamline model data management and leverage that to deliver complete, reliable data for operations.

Briefing from Infrastructure and Projects Authority

Following the COVID crisis there is a golden opportunity to change the face of construction for the better; deliver sustained value for money, be more stable, more productive and more competitive. The government’s side of the bargain is to bring to market between £29 billion and £37 billion of contracts across economic and social infrastructure over the next year.

AECOM case study on Easing Congestion

Mark showed distributed data capture as a method for controlling complex projects, large programs and portfolio management.

ZEISS Real Estate Management Case Study

Presentation date: 13 August 2020

ZEISS case study focusing on the corporate real estate management processes. Learn how ZEISS harmonised the brand experience, provided greater transparency and improved data management relating to requirements, effort, costs, space and services.  This resulted in faster decision making based on defined gates within their matrix organization. Link to press release

Atvero Chapman Taylor case study

Chapman Taylor Architects is a global practice of award-winning architects and masterplanners. In the post-COVID era, their clients will benefit from even higher standards of quality and consistency of design information due to the consolidation of their existing information management systems and data silos within the Microsoft365 platform. A key aspect of the company’s switch to the new format was a collaboration with AEC technology expert Nittygritty to develop Atvero. Microsoft365-based Atvero is a record management system which provides a single pane of glass for contractual deliverables, capable of being authored and published from anywhere. Technical Director Andy Hudson will recount Chapman Taylor’s digital transformation from inception to deployment while providing a glimpse of the future direction for http://www.atvero.com.

Wembley Park Masterplan

The Wembley Park Masterplan sits in a context of contrasts. It is a large and distinctive part of North-West London characterised by post-war suburban housing, green spaces and pockets of new development, as well as a declining high street, large 1970’s office and hotel buildings, car parks, vacant land and outmoded industrial buildings bounded by main roads and railways.

Introducing ShapeDo

ShapeDo offers a solution to eliminate unmanaged change. ShapeDo will present how coupling a drawing comparison technology with robust processes enables full control of design change impact on program, cost and delivery. 

Introducing BuildSafe

 In less than three years BuildSafe has gone from zero to market leaders in Sweden with customers like Skanska now implementing the solution on all sites. BuildSafe uses the existing Health and Safety functions to involve all parts of the supply chain on site to gather data and solve problems that might otherwise negatively affect the production process. BuildSafe’s customers succeed because of better project controls where site management can monitor KPI’s and deploy resources in time, based on actual data, to reach internally communicated goals and targets that lead to a successful project delivery.

Introducing Predict!

Risk Decisions help visionary leaders embrace risk to shape the future. They collaborate with global organisations, disruptors and thought leaders, whatever the stage of their journey. Through our products, services and experience, they enable them to create risk strategies that positively transform their businesses.

Introducing APDocs

Brian showed how the APDocs platform enables organisations to reduce costs and improve efficiency with intelligent automation, flexible workflows and robust document storage in a modern, mobile software solution built on the AWS platform.

Introducing Tridify

Learn how developers, architects and BIM engineers can speed up and automate BIM. Paula will explain how, using game engine workflow, errors are reduced and hours saved on projects.

Introducing FastDraft

FastDraft from Built Intelligence is an easy to use contract management platform, enabling consistent drafting and management of contracts, monitoring of performance and increased control over project outcomes. FastDraft has been designed by leading experts in NEC contract management to be the most comprehensive, intuitive and user friendly, and cost effective platform on the market. The system provides visual representations of your contractual project workflow to enable actionable measurement of timescale, liability & risk to maximise profitability for all parties.

HS2 Case Study with Mott MacDonald

Presentation date: 13 August 2020

Mott MacDonald are using Nodes and Links Aegis on HS2. The Aegis platform from Nodes and Links helps project experts make better decisions using data-driven predictions and visualisations. The world’s first hybrid-collective intelligence, Aegis understands what drives project success, learns from history and across projects, and works with people to deliver project outcomes successfully.  Aegis allows Complex Projects to achieve performance levels previously considered impossible. Learn from Greg where and how the platform has been applied successfully. 

Link to case study on Mott MacDonald site

London Waterloo Station and Bejing Subway LEGION case studies

Presentation date: 13 August 2020

Ongoing social distancing requirements present challenges for planning, design and operations of diverse buildings, such as rail stations, airports, shopping malls, etc. Using simulation and BIM design powered digital twins, owner operators and consultants are helping public spaces reopen faster while still safe and commercially viable. Bentley is making market leading software OpenBuildings Station Designer and LEGION Simulator available for free until September 30th to help new users do the same. The presentation will cover case studies from London, Beijing and Madrid to illustrate how simulation enables more resilient buildings, from preparedness, through responsiveness and recovery after disruptions such as Covid-19. The London Waterloo Station and Beijing Subway deployments will be discussed in detail.

Project controls are typically useful in identifying gaps in performance. Recognising the symptoms is one thing, but how do you then find the root cause?

Getting team members to work effectively alongside each other is a significant challenge that is often under-appreciated. Research shows that a high proportion of project issues are interpersonal and behavioural rather than technical or commercial. The RADAR system developed by Resolex is a type of Early Warning System, designed to engage your entire team in a methodology that generates the information needed to identify and manage behavioural risk.

Practical Cybersecurity for AEC Firms

Practical cyber security doesn’t have to be expensive or confusing. Coubari specialises in providing IT infrastructure and support for firms in the construction and engineering space. Derrick will share anomised stories of close calls and how you can avoid them to secure your business.

Introducing Archdesk

Filip talked about customer success with Archdesk looking at three different cases with three different challenges.

Introducing 3DRepro

The 3D Repo Digital Construction Platform improves project BIM data management and reduces risk for construction professionals to help them create a better built environment. As well as an overview of the platform we will also look at how and where this is being applied on a number of high profile projects.

The Sablono Platform

Presentation dates: 12 Feb 2019 and 13 Aug 2020

The Sablono Platform for process and supply chain management has been implemented in major projects across the UK, Middle East and Europe and provides an unprecedented ease of management of complex processes throughout the supply chain across company borders. Learn how projects like London Greenwich Peninsula, Louvre Abu Dhabi or Humboldt Forum Berlin gained real-time insights into project delivery by implementing one central digital platform for process management of all trades involved.

Kiewit Construction Case Study

Presentation date: 13 August 2020

This session introduced the latest thinking in next-generation scheduling – enhancing the already proven science of CPM. Overcoming traditional forecasting challenges, a new AI-based approach to modeling schedule and driving towards a more achievable risk-adjusted forecast is discussed. A case study of how Kiewit Construction use the system will be covered.

Learn how Primavera Unifier is being used to manage complex capital projects

Rhys will discuss how to get exceptional value quickly with little risk via Enstoa’s 90-Day Sprint™ implementation methodology. He’ll also cover a case study for a UK client who implemented a fully integrated Unifier Cost Control system in three weeks.

Prima Uno offer a first class service including expert advice covering a wide range of industries, from high profile infrastructure projects to small building projects.
Our collective experience includes high profile projects such as London 2012 Olympics, Transport for London East London Line & Cooling the Tube Project, Heathrow Terminal 5 Project, Dubai Meydan Racecourse and Wembley Arena. We have also been involved with many nuclear, water, civil, structures, bridges and highways and tunnelling projects in the UK.

BP Shah Deniz Case Study

Projects don’t get any larger that this. 4Berri Consulting will give an overview of the recent Shah Deniz Phase II mega-project and highlight how assurance enabled fast-track contractor schedule turnaround on an already time constrained programme of works.

Introducing Buildots

Buildots AI leverages the capacity of a simple hardhat mounted camera and state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms to track all activities on-site, and provide you with the information necessary to make the best decisions. As well as this, the footage is overlaid with the BIM model ensuring a constantly updated digital twin of your project.

Sentrk Case Study for Major Retail Brand

A leading brand embarked on a high value, fast paced store construction programme, as they expanded into bricks and mortar direct-to-consumer sales. The volume of email, spreadsheets, messaging, documents, and ad-hoc software solutions was quickly overwhelming and made managing and reporting an arduous and risky process. A highly mobile project management team needed rapid access to reliable information in the field, and corporate functions needed current data they could trust.

Presentation 12 Feb 2019 – Safran Risk can be used right through the project life cycle, from discovery, identification or bid phase to perform a cost only risk analysis, all the way through planning, execution and closeout. It seamlessly combines advanced project schedule, duration, and cost features for ultimate analysis integrity.  Safran are holding a two hour workshop on the morning of the event in the same venue.

Flowledger: Closing the gap between construction and manufacturing project productivity

From several years of studying the approaches of lean and six-sigma application in manufacturing, the team at FlowLedger have developed a unique type of smart ‘pull system’ that translates these principles into a performance efficiency web application that promises to save significant time, money and world resources. As the platform’s data warehouse grows, machine learning makes the recommendation engine smarter, continuously improving project performance.

Designtech Approach to Iterative Design

Designtech are developing a new methodology for early stage feasibility design. The process allows end users to upload site information and constraints to generate thousands of suitable designs that meet a given criteria, make decisions based on concise information, allowing for significant capital expenditure decisions to be based on provable data-sets

Introducing Just Manage

With the project schedule at the center, JUST MANAGE simplifies management processes, motivating employees to action while improving control. Proven on hundreds of projects in Israel to improve performance, quality and safety while at the same time shortening the schedule and lowering costs. Most importantly customers earn more money, while enjoying peace of mind and the enhancement of their reputations.

The Arcadis approach to BIM

As the Global BIM Lead (D&E) for Arcadis, Andrew is responsible for the strategy and delivery of the 100% BIM program being executed across the globe. BIM is a key aspect of digital transformation that aligns to the Arcadis three time horizons of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

NHS Property Services PMWeb case study

In 2011 the National Health Service established a new organisation to bring property and facilities management expertise to the NHS estate. The organisation embarked on an ambitious business transformation programme. The programme was to feature the implementation of new technology for real estate management.

Keynote on the state of BIM market

Paul Wilkinson is a technology writer and blogger, covering construction-related developments in cloud computing, SaaS collaboration, BIM, data and mobile. He is deputy chair of the digital transformation panel at the Institution of Civil Engineers. Paul is also involved with COMIT, ThinkBIM, the UK BIM Alliance and Constructing Excellence. He is a past chair of the construction and property group of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. His opening talk will set the scene for the morning’s discussions.

Introducing Safran Risk

Safran Risk can be used right through the project life cycle, from discovery, identification or bid phase to perform a cost only risk analysis, all the way through planning, execution and closeout. It seamlessly combines advanced project schedule, duration, and cost features for ultimate analysis integrity.

Introducing Resolving International

Resolving is a digital platform allowing project delivery, asset operation and construction teams to access and collaborate on critical design, construction and operational data. Chris presented a case study about supporting a large owner operator with over 4,000 logistics buildings worldwide. 

Introducing iTwins

While there is plenty of talk about how the National Digital Twin is targeted at physical assets, Bentley have been working with projects on how to use Risk iTwins and Cost iTwins to provide immediate feedback to project teams on iTwins. Glen Worrall will work through two scenarios where users are seeing immediate feedback from their iTwins.

Kings Cross case study

London’s King’s Cross railway station is one of the busiest stations in the United Kingdom, serving close to 40 million passengers each year. But it has been 25 years since any major intervention has taken place on the railway, and it is now in need of some major renewal and remodelling work. Specialist Project Integration (SPI) are undertaking this massive £250 million project. Find out from Simon how success is being assured through the use of their digital twin platform.