Past Glimpse of the Future Events

July 9th Agenda

Building Information Management 


SPI – The Remodelling of Kings Cross Railway StationSimon Wray

Link to video recording of this session.

London’s King’s Cross railway station is one of the busiest stations in the United Kingdom, serving close to 40 million passengers each year. But it has been 25 years since any major intervention has taken place on the railway, and it is now in need of some major renewal and remodelling work.

Specialist Project Integration (SPI) are undertaking this massive £250 million project. Find out from Simon how success is being assured through the use of their digital twin platform.


Bentley Systems – Project iTwins – Glen Worrall

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While there is plenty of talk about how the National Digital Twin is targeted at physical assets, Bentley have been working with projects on how to use Risk iTwins and Cost iTwins to provide immediate feedback to project teams on iTwins. Glen Worrall will work through two scenarios where users are seeing immediate feedback from their iTwins.


Infrastructure and Projects Authority  – Dr David Hancock 

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Following the COVID crisis there is a golden opportunity to change the face of construction for the better; deliver sustained value for money, be more stable, more productive and more competitive. The government’s side of the bargain is to bring to market between £29 billion and £37 billion of contracts across economic and social infrastructure over the next year.


Buildots – Patrick Scannell

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Buildots AI leverages the capacity of a simple hardhat mounted camera and state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms to track all activities on-site, and provide you with the information necessary to make the best decisions. As well as this, the footage is overlaid with the BIM model ensuring a constantly updated digital twin of your project.


Chapman TaylorAndy Hudson

Link to video recording of this session.

Chapman Taylor Architects is a global practice of award-winning architects and masterplanners. In the post-COVID era, their clients will benefit from even higher standards of quality and consistency of design information due to the consolidation of their existing information management systems and data silos within the Microsoft365 platform.

A key aspect of the company’s switch to the new format was a collaboration with AEC technology expert Nittygritty to develop Atvero. Microsoft365-based Atvero is a record management system which provides a single pane of glass for contractual deliverables, capable of being authored and published from anywhere. Technical Director Andy Hudson will recount Chapman Taylor’s digital transformation from inception to deployment while providing a glimpse of the future direction for

Past Event – June 4th 


Extranet EvolutionPaul Wilkinson

Paul provided an overview of the latest developments in the market and helped decipher the alphabet soup of ancronyms relating to project management and BIM  Link to Extranet Evolution


Archdesk  – Filip Moscicki

Filip talked about customer success with Archdesk looking at three different cases with three different challenges. 


 Resolving International – Chris Woodbridge

Chris presented a case study about supporting a large owner operator with over 4000 logistical buildings worldwide. Glimpse presentation video


Safran SoftwareRichard Wood

Richard told us about Safran’s vision of how the increasing pace of technological innovation will change the role of anyone managing risks in complex projects. Link to thought leadership video

Past Event – June 5th 


Gammon ConstructionDavid-John Gibbs

DJ discussed his experiences and opinions on how digital ways of working reduce the likelihood and severity of disputes.  Link to Glimpse presentation


UniPhiMark Heath

Mark showed distributed data capture as a method for controlling complex projects, large programs and portfolio management. Link to Glimpse presentation


Afterpremise APDocs – Brian King 

Brian showed how the APDocs platform enables organisations to reduce costs and improve efficiency with intelligent automation, flexible workflows and robust document storage in a modern, mobile software solution built on the AWS platform.  Link to Glimpse presentation


Turbo Chart – Linear Project SoftwareSantosh Bhat

Santosh showed how his client John Holland used Turbo-Chart to visualise their linear project schedules, transforming existing data into Time Location charts in minutes. Link to Glimpse presentation