Past Glimpse of the Future Events

Past Event – April 22nd 2021

Gammon Construction: DJ Gibbs, Andy Wong and Alexandra Grierson

Gammon Construction is one of Hong Kong’s largest main contractors and is 50% owned by Balfour Beatty. Gammon is one of the first organisations in the world to achieve BSi certification for Innovation Management and prides itself on being the digital contractor of choice in the region. This talk will discuss how Gammon achieved the certification along with some of the developments, partnerships and successes they have realised with their subsidiary, Digital-G.

Gammon Construction Limited  |  Home

RIB Software - Matthew Donnison

RIB Software is a pioneering enterprise committed to driving innovation and technological advances in the construction and real estate industries. Our iTWO costX product is used throughout the world for takeoff and estimating, especially with regards to BIM. We’ll show a live demonstration importing a model received from the design team, carry out a quantity take-off, cross-reference the extracted data against the 2D drawings, and finally take that information and produce a cost estimate in a format that can be presented directly to the client.

Home – RIB Software (

VIM - Sanjay Mistry

VIM offers an efficient, compact, and open-spec 3D data interchange format to quickly transport design data and geometry from Revit and other BIM sources such as real-time engines and 3D editors. We take convert Revit BIM to real-time immersive experiences in seconds, giving users a significant business advantage as they reduce project costs and delivery schedules.


Bryden Wood - Jaimie Johnston

There has never been such an acute, and growing, gap between the need to create more and better transport and social infrastructure, and our industry’s capability to do so. This session will talk through the combination of digital workflows and manufacturing approaches that are allowing dramatic increases in the speed, cost effectiveness and sustainability with which we design and deliver our built environment.

Design to Value in the built environment | Bryden Wood

Integrated Project Delivery - John Lohan

A Better Way to Deliver – John will introduce the key components of the IPD model, provide examples of their past experiences and a glimpse of the potential future benefits.

IPD | Integrated Project Delivery LLP (


Nomitech - Tolis Chatzisymeon

BIM, 4D , 5D, 6D, 7D etc or maybe these will be irrelevant shortly? Find out how Nomitech’s powerful BIM engine, BIMCity ®, the core of Nomitech’s R&D and the backbone of our Powerful Megaproject Estimating Platform CostOS, will change the industry game, “democratise” BIM and make it accessible everywhere, even where no BIM exists.

Cost Estimating Software – CostOS – Nomitech

thinkproject - Adam Lamping

thinkproject is a global leader in construction intelligence. Our digital technologies unlock the potential of people and information to help construct a better world. From BIM to CDE, thinkproject has provided smart solutions for the construction industry since 2000.

Make intelligence your asset | Thinkproject

AECHIVE and ARCDOX - Ralph Montague

Ralph Montague, architect and director at ArcDox BIM consultants from Dublin, Ireland, and co-founder at aecHive, will be talking about building an open community platform to support and encourage innovation in AEC, and some thoughts on “digital leadership”.

aecHive Community 🏗️

Barbal - Tom Bartley

From contracts and standards through to feasibility reports and tender documents, text documents continue to be an essential part of delivering construction projects. It’s an area that still causes too much administrative pain where even minor version control issues can result in disputes. Barbal is a new collaborative document editor that manages documents as content, not files. Draft in private and share when ready. They automate all the merging and allow content to be reused and adapted across documents, like back-to-back contracts.

Barbal Home – Document collaboration without the chaos

Novade - Tejas Thomas

Drive improvements on the field in terms of Quality, Safety and Productivity all while collecting valuable datasets for analytics. Join us on this talk to explore how the challenges of data fragmentation on the field can be overcome to generate operational efficiencies.

Construction Management Software | Novade

The Data Company - Matt Coniam

Maximise the value from data in all areas of your organisation and beyond to get a unique view of your business. The Data Company simplify the process of connecting to data sources building holistic, intelligent reporting for all levels of a construction operation. We help identify and action opportunities for efficiency, automation and integration.

The Data Company – Data is the New Oil – Data Consulting and Analytics

Past Event – Feb 11th 2021

Keeping the Cook Islands connected - RAMM Software, a thinkproject company: Fiona Derrick and Fleur Tytheridge

Even the most remote places with the greenest infrastructure need technology to help communities stay connected. thinkproject puts the Cook Islands ‘on the Map’ with RAMM, its unique asset and work management solution.

Managing Risk Remotely – Hyatt Centric Hotel, Kota Kinbalu (Borneo), Malaysia - Proficient Software: Oliver Roche

A cloud based PM solution successfully managing communications, documents & all aspects of field operations digitally on this remote project with consultants from Japan, Australia, etc, Operator from US and Contractor from Peninsular Malaysia.

Got 100bn to spend? A WBS ain’t going to cut it - Uniphi: Mark Heath

Multi dimensional matrices and distributed data capture as an alternative to traditional closed and top down planning structures. See how UniPhi uses meta data to create complex data structures that result in AI driven planning decisions on large scale infrastructure projects.

thevirtualpmo – your virtual partner: Subash Tavares

Bringing together a virtual selection of people, processes and tools to offer public and private sector delivery organisations consultation and strategic advice to accomplish their objectives efficiently and economically. Recognised for his strong relationship-building skills, Subash has a proven record in leading large multinational teams to success.

4D at Concept - Construction Methodology Erection Sequencing - Robert Bird Group: Chris Pires

Demo of RBG Reveal, an in-house platform that enables stakeholders stakeholders to experience, interact with and collaborate on built assets in a virtual environment.

Isle of Man Ferry Terminal early phase 4D modelling case study - John Sisk & Son: Josh Hanson

4D planning is at the forefront of project execution at John Sisk and is implemented as early as possible in the project to ensure the most validated, robust and safe sequence of works is accomplished. The Isle of Man Ferry Terminal Project has implemented 4D Planning in line with design to ensure each section of the project is digitally rehearsed and validated prior to any works taking place.

Case studies from users of ContextCapture - Virtuosity, a Bentley Company: Alicia Llorens

ContextCapture is Bentley’s “Reality Modeling” application which allows for the generation, editing and sharing of engineering-ready 3D meshes from images or point clouds. This presentation will feature three customer success stories:
– Drone inspections with Eyefly
– Deployment as a platform across Fairfleet’s 2500 drone strong organisation
– Oil tank inspections with Falcker

Democratising digital workflow with experiential visualisation: A route to risk-free project dialogue - Soluis: Scott Grant

]Scott will cover how Soluis has been able to provide numerous high profile projects with a next-level immersive review process and a platform for inclusive dialogue with all stakeholders that removes doubt, inspires confidence and accelerates decision-making.

Discover how specifications can be developed collaboratively through the project timeline - NBS Stephen Hamil

Discover how specifications can be developed collaboratively through the project timeline using the NBS platform

11:45 - Safeguarding you from cyber security risks in your supply chain - C2 Cyber: Jonathan Wood

Past Event – Dec 10th 2020

Ronan Collins – GAMUDA Engineering - Viewpoint case study

GAMUDA Engineering are using Viewpoint For Projects for document control, drawing reviews and BIM management. This collaboration platform enables improved communications across all projects providing a reliable resource. We will illustrate how we use Field View for onsite data collection, progress tracking and reporting. These are key platforms for our digital transformation and the foundation of our data analytics for construction project management.

Adrian Smith – E7 - Bruce Highway Upgrade Case Study

The Bruce Highway Upgrade is a £500M project in Queensland, Australia. Nearing completion in 2021, the project is reporting improved oversight and real-time identification of productivity issues as some of the benefits they currently enjoy. Adrian is Co-Founder and Head of Engineering for E7, the Australian software product deployed by the contracting joint venture delivering the project. E7 is delivering technology advances for the construction industry with a specialisation in leveraging Lean and Agile methods to develop practical and innovative engineering solutions.

Rotem Ravid – INTSITE

INTSITE employs AI and Deep Learning to optimize and automate the machinery at the center of a worksite, transforming the performance of industries focused on heavy machinery such as construction and mining. Originally developed as a guidance system and smart dashboard for construction cranes, this technology has expanded to the mining industry where experience with mid-size excavators create similar challenges to both efficiency and profitability.

Andrew Norrie – 3D Repo

Pioneers of cloud-based BIM coordination platform, 3D Repo, have been working on an exciting new integration for importing 4D Synchro models into the 3D Repo cloud. The integration will improve planning and collaboration on construction projects as sequences can be easily shared with other team members and commented on directly inside the web browser for immediate feedback. Join this presentation to learn how the Synchro integration with 3D Repo works and how it will improve collaboration and productivity.

Andy Ward – xbim

The open source xbim Toolkit for BIM open standards has become a fundamental building block in countless BIM solutions, seeded hundreds of specialist software products, and along the way enabled thousands of organisations to impact construction projects and asset managers across the globe. As well as highlighting some case studies this talk will show you how you can benefit from xbim solutions in your organisation today – even if you’re not a software specialist. Andy will also look forward and show how upcoming support for ‘linear’ infrastructure projects will enable more projects to get value from open BIM processes, and finish by discussing what the future holds for OpenBIM.

Paul Wilkinson - Extranet Evolution

Paul Wilkinson is an independent industry watcher and technology evangelist, active in the UK BIM Alliance (chair of its Technology Group), ThinkBIM and Constructing Excellence, among other groups. He will talk about current themes in UK government and industry technology discussions, and how these relate to digital transformation of the sector.

Rande Robinson – North Carolina Department of Transportation

“No Easy Button – moving road transportation projects into the 21st century.”

This presentation will look at a couple of, but by no means all, of the issues facing transportation departments as they move from the comforts of 2D to the world of BIM, 3D Design and other related advanced technologies. Rande will discuss some of the concerns, issues, problems and solutions being implemented at the North Carolina Department of Transportation as he moves both his organization and highway engineering technology in general forward.

Mirko Ross – Asvin – Cybersecurity track

This interactive session will make heavy use of our polling capability to ask and as best we can answer the following questions:

– How vulnerable are you being hacked and what can you do about it?

– In the pandemic if you can’t travel to your customer, their data needs to travel to you. But how can we setup a cybersecure journey for that data?

– IoT is broken because defect are found in almost all devicess. How can we fix broken security in Internet of Thngs?”

– The lifecycle of buildings and machines are decades but for smart devices only two to five years. How do we manage the lifecycle problem of smart buildings?

Past Event – Nov 12th 2020

Bentley Systems - Olga Alexandrova

Communicating clearly and involving citizens early in the planning stages of the construction projects is crucial to avoid misunderstandings and formal complaints leading to delays. Olga Alexandrova of Bentley demonstrates case studies from Bentley’s OpenCities planner.

In the post-COVID era, public consultations have to apply digital technology and engage with residents virtually, clearly deliver a message, and collect feedback. OpenCities Planner is a cloud platform that streamlines the urban planning process, engages different stakeholders in project discussions, federates different data and publishes this for citizens to receive feedback and generate ideas. This digital process is efficient and easy to implement.

Reconstruct, Inc. - Mani Golparvar-Fard

Mani of Reconstruct examines how many construction companies are striving to align their production efficiency with scheduled activities through the use of reality capture and BIM-enabled workflows. The exponential growth in data acquisition and application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is paired with ever more aggressive delivery schedules. As a result, there is a need for the introduction of new solutions that transcend the current algorithmic capabilities and venture into Artificial Intelligence (AI) territory with the goal of achieving better control and a higher level of predictability through the real-time analysis of production, resources and Jobsite conditions.

This talk will present how a visual command centre can be formed for achieving production efficiency on construction sites. Specifically, Mani discusses how images and videos from 360-degree cameras, smartphones and drones are used to automatically generate 3D reality models of indoor and outdoor environments over the project timeline. Using projects in the US and Europe, Mani demonstrates how reality models are integrated with BIM and project schedules in the form of digital twins such that AI algorithms can track progress and project risk.

Zutec - Nathan Garrad

Solving problems for both the owners and construction companies, Nathan explains how Zutec helps with the collation of all documentation and supporting information required to operate facilities compliantly.  This reduces the risk of delays associated with handover due to the many quality assurance inspections necessary on complex projects. Several case studies will be referenced, particularly regarding the construction of hospitals which are notorious for overruns.

Xacom - Mick Higgins

Mick Higgins of Xacom discusses his experiences on this major nuclear decommissioning project.  As part of the Lithuanian accession to the European Union it was agreed to close down the Ignalega Power Plant due to its similarities in design and lack of containment building to that of the Chernobyl Power Plant. The popular HBO mini-series Chernobyl was partly filmed on the Ignalena Power Plant site.

A key part of the 1.2billion euros de-commissioning programme was to incorporate Project Controls to not only provide robust tracking and monitoring but to provide development opportunities to employees who previously operated the site. Xacom was engaged with a consortium to provide consultancy advice and training through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Cora Systems - Michael Lord

Michael of Cora Systems is a former Global Operations Excellence Director for Honeywell Building Solutions, part of Honeywell Home and Building Technologies (HBT), a global business with more than 44,000 employees worldwide. HBT is a leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) and creates products, software and technologies found in more than 150 million homes and 10 million buildings worldwide.

Michael was part of the team tasked with implementing a PPM tool to help HBS with a number of challenges around consolidating systems, global standardisation, project deviation, resource/capacity management and financial control. After evaluating over 30 systems, they chose to work with Cora Systems. During his talk, Michael will walk us through Honeywell’s journey to global project excellence.

Video coming soon. 

Causeway - Lydia Brand-Williams

Lydia Brand-Williamson presents Causeway. Anyone who’s worked in the construction industry knows that every project presents its own specific risks. Failing to address these challenges sensibly and efficiently can expose a business to serious time and cost overruns. Dominant among the digital solutions enabling contractors to better manage these challenges is facial recognition technology, which can help to save time and money. In this 15-minute slot, Lydia will share practical customer examples of how well-established UK contractors have achieved significant benefits since implementing the Causeway Donseed facial recognition solution, whilst also providing a brief demonstration of how the technology works.

Layer8 - Sarah Janes

Sarah Janes of Layer8 discusses online security. A study has shown that phishing emails have increased more than 600% since the start of the pandemic. Cybercriminals are masters at manipulating our human emotions and see ‘people’ as an easy way into an organisation. Considering the security implications of a project at the outset has become increasingly critical. Sarah takes us through an example of integrating security into the project lifecycle using methodologies Layer 8 have implemented at clients including international insurance firms, businesses providing critical national infrastructure, technology and retail companies.

Adept Management - Paul Waskett

Project design teams are often made up of dispersed discipline-based specialists. Is it then any wonder that there is often inconsistency in the way work is planned, reported and managed, with delays as a result? Paul of Adept Management discusses Flow, a web-based system for achieving an integrated design plan and for reporting and managing the design process in a consistent manner, and make reference to recent case studies in both the UK and the US where the system has been used to capture root causes of delays and actions to mitigate those delays, enabling a very high level of performance by the project teams.

Past Event – Oct 8th 2020

Bentley Synchro - Greg Demchak

Greg Demchak of Bentley highlights case studies of recent examples of the advanced use of 4D to include RFID tracking of deliveries and installations to update the 4D model in near-real-time. The use of HoloLens to perform clash-detection will also be demonstrated.

Greg Demchak Bentley

Metisplan - Nathan Targett

Nathan Targett demonstrates how Metisplan produced a fully logically linked and coordinated 4D model of all work train movements into and around the worksite and contractors workspaces along the 2km rail re-modelling project between Edge Hill and Liverpool Lime Street station. This complex infrastructure project using a 4D Programme became the Winner of Synchro Software Digital Construction Awards. Find out how Metisplan enabled substantial savings and accurate time management on the project.

Metisplan Nathan Targett

NeuralRaysAI - Tony Scott

Tony Scott of NeuralRaysAI looks at how digital transformation involves the integration of innovative technology into all areas of the enterprise, fundamentally changing how it operates and how it delivers value. Data science can extend aspirations beyond design and construction into whole life asset utilisation, but this requires letting go of traditional time-based revenue models. The two key questions to answer are: Who in the C-suite should be leading this transformation, and once we’ve identified them, how do we help them?

Coubari - Derrick Madir

Derrick Madir of Coubari explains that practical cyber security doesn’t have to be expensive or confusing. Coubari specialises in providing IT infrastructure and support for firms in the construction and engineering space. Derrick will share anonymised stories of close calls and how you can avoid them to secure your business.

Coubari Derrick Madir


Thinkproject - Michel Kraaijeveld

Join Michel Kraaijeveld of Thinkproject for a look at the 18km Fehmarnbelt tunnel. Connecting Germany with Denmark it will be the longest road and rail tunnel in the world. This case study will cover the key figures, the parties involved and how the Thinkproject portfolio will ensure data consistency across the asset lifecycle. Asset owners are increasingly turning to Thinkproject’s integrated contract management and BIM solution to be sure all data moves smoothly and accurately from planned, to as-built and then to operation and maintenance.

Risk Decisions - Val Jonas

Val Jonas discusses how Risk Decisions help visionary leaders embrace risk to shape the future. They collaborate with global organisations, disruptors and thought leaders, whatever the stage of their journey. Through their Beautifully Simple Predict! risk software, services and experience, they enable customers to create risk strategies that positively transform their businesses.

Risk Decisions - Val Jonas

4Berri Consulting - Richard Rowberry -BP Shah Deniz case study

Projects don’t get any larger than this. Richard of  4Berri Consulting gives an overview of the recent Shah Deniz Phase II mega-project and highlight how assurance enabled fast-track contractor schedule turnaround on an already time-constrained programme of works. There are resultant schedule benefits which can be deployed across a multitude of industries.

Richard Rowberry - 4Berri Consulting

Flowledger - Rhys Tanner

Rhys Tanner of FlowLedger: From several years of studying the approaches of lean and six-sigma application in manufacturing, the team at FlowLedger have developed a unique type of smart ‘pull system’ that translates these principles into a performance efficiency web application that promises to save significant time, money and world resources. As the platform’s data warehouse grows, machine learning makes the recommendation engine smarter, continuously improving project performance.

Flowledger - Rhys Tanner

Past Event – Aug 13th 2020

Bentley Systems LEGION – Eduardo Lazzarotto

Eduardo Lazzarotto of Bentley Systems LEGION demonstrates their latest simulation software. Ongoing social distancing requirements present challenges for planning, design and operations of diverse buildings, such as rail stations, airports, shopping malls, etc. Using simulation and BIM design powered digital twins, owner-operators and consultants are helping public spaces reopen faster while still safe and commercially viable. Bentley is making market-leading software OpenBuildings Station Designer and LEGION Simulator available for free until September 30th to help new users do the same. The presentation will cover case studies from London, Beijing and Madrid to illustrate how simulation enables more resilient buildings, from preparedness, through responsiveness and recovery after disruptions such as Covid-19. London Waterloo Station and Bond Street Station will be discussed in detail.

Bentley Systems LEGION  Eduardo Lazzarotto

InEight Schedule – Dan Patterson

Dan Patterson of InEight Schedule introduces the latest thinking in next-generation scheduling – enhancing the already proven science of CPM. Overcoming traditional forecasting challenges, a new AI-based approach to modeling schedule and driving towards a more achievable risk-adjusted forecast is discussed. A case study of how Kiewit Construction use the system will be covered.

InEight Schedule Dan Patterson

Nodes and Links – Greg Lawton

Learn from Greg Lawton where and how the Nodes and Links platform has been applied successfully.Mott MacDonald are using Nodes and Links Aegis on HS2. The Aegis platform from Nodes and Links helps project experts make better decisions using data-driven predictions and visualisations. The world’s first hybrid-collective intelligence, Aegis understands what drives project success, learns from history and across projects, and works with people to deliver project outcomes successfully.  Aegis allows Complex Projects to achieve performance levels previously considered impossible. 

Link to case study on Mott MacDonald site

Nodes and Links Greg Lawton

Sablono – Lukas Olbrich

Lukas Olbrich explains how Sablono offers the first Construction Execution Platform to manage and collaborate on tens of thousands of activities during project delivery. The solution is implemented in major projects internationally such as 150 Bishopsgate in London, Dubai Uptown Tower and Tour Mohammed VI in Morocco. Get a glimpse at what project delivery looks like when construction projects are executed on a digital production management system.

Sablono Lukas Olbrich


PMWeb – Stefan Hollak

Stefan Hollak of PMweb explores the ZEISS case study focusing on the corporate real estate management processes. Learn how ZEISS harmonised the brand experience, provided greater transparency and improved data management relating to requirements, effort, costs, space and services.  This resulted in faster decision making based on defined gates within their matrix organization. 

PMWeb Stefan Hollak

eviFile – Luke Allen

Luke Allen explains how SPL Powerlines partnered with eviFile to deliver digital progressive assurance across all of the built assets on the programme. This case study looks at the challenges of rolling out the technology and the lessons learned. We’ll also take a look at the opportunities the completion of the project has generated in utilising connected applications to put assurance at the very start of any major infrastructure programme.

eviFile Luke Allen

Past Event – Jul 9th 2020

SPI – The Remodelling of Kings Cross Railway Station – Simon Wray

London’s King’s Cross railway station is one of the busiest stations in the United Kingdom, serving close to 40 million passengers each year. But it has been 25 years since any major intervention has taken place on the railway, and it is now in need of some major renewal and remodelling work.

Specialist Project Integration (SPI) are undertaking this massive £250 million project. Find out from Simon Wray how success is being assured through the use of their digital twin platform.

SPI The Remodelling of Kings Cross Railway Station Simon Wray

Bentley Systems – Project iTwins – Glen Worrall

While there is plenty of talk about how the National Digital Twin is targeted at physical assets, Bentley have been working with projects on how to use Risk iTwins and Cost iTwins to provide immediate feedback to project teams on iTwins. Glen Worrall will work through two scenarios where users are seeing immediate feedback from their iTwins.

Bentley Systems – Project iTwins Glen Worrall

Infrastructure and Projects Authority – Dr David Hancock

Dr David Hancock of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority explains the future of infrastructure. Following the COVID crisis there is a golden opportunity to change the face of construction for the better; deliver sustained value for money, be more stable, more productive and more competitive. The government’s side of the bargain is to bring to market between £29 billion and £37 billion of contracts across economic and social infrastructure over the next year.

Infrastructure and Projects Authority  Dr David Hancock

Buildots – Patrick Scannell

Patrick Scannell explains how Buildots AI leverages the capacity of a simple hardhat mounted camera and state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms to track all activities on-site, and provide you with the information necessary to make the best decisions. As well as this, the footage is overlaid with the BIM model ensuring a constantly updated digital twin of your project.

Buildots Patrick Scannell

Chapman Taylor – Andy Hudson

Andy Hudson speaks from Chapman Taylor Architects, a global practice of award-winning architects and masterplanners. In the post-COVID era, their clients will benefit from even higher standards of quality and consistency of design information due to the consolidation of their existing information management systems and data silos within the Microsoft365 platform.

A key aspect of the company’s switch to the new format was a collaboration with AEC technology expert Nittygritty to develop Atvero. Microsoft365-based Atvero is a record management system which provides a single pane of glass for contractual deliverables, capable of being authored and published from anywhere. Technical Director Andy Hudson will recount Chapman Taylor’s digital transformation from inception to deployment while providing a glimpse of the future direction for

Chapman Taylor  Andy Hudson

Past Event – June 5th 2020

Gammon Construction – David-John Gibbs

David John Gibbs of Gammon Construction discussed his experiences and opinions on how digital ways of working reduce the likelihood and severity of disputes.  Link to Glimpse presentation

UniPhi – Mark Heath

Mark Heath of UniPhi demonstrates distributed data capture as a method for controlling complex projects, large programs and portfolio management.

UniPhi Mark Heath


Afterpremise APDocs – Brian King

Brian King of Afterpremise APDocs takes you through how the APDocs platform enables organisations to reduce costs and improve efficiency with intelligent automation, flexible workflows and robust document storage in a modern, mobile software solution built on the AWS platform.

Afterpremise APDocs Brian King

Turbo Chart – Linear Project Software – Santosh Bhat

Santosh Bhat of Turbo Chart shows you how his client John Holland used Turbo-Chart to visualise their linear project schedules, transforming existing data into Time Location charts in minutes.

Turbo Chart – Linear Project Software Santosh Bhat

Past Event – June 4th 2020

Extranet Evolution – Paul Wilkinson

Paul Wilkinson of Extranet Evolution provides an overview of the latest developments in the market and helped decipher the alphabet soup of acronyms relating to project management and BIM  Link to Extranet Evolution

Extranet Evolution Paul Wilkinson

Archdesk – Filip Moscicki

Filip Moscicki of Archdesk discusses customer success, looking at three different cases with three different challenges.

Resolving International – Chris Woodbridge

Chris Woodbridge of Resolving International presents a case study about supporting a large owner-operator with over 4000 logistical buildings worldwide.

 Resolving International Chris Woodbridge

Safran Software – Richard Wood

Richard Wood explains Safran’s vision of how the increasing pace of technological innovation will change the role of anyone managing risks in complex projects. Link to thought leadership video