Glimpse of the Future Online Events

October 8th Agenda


Synchro – Greg Demchak

Case studies of recent examples of the advanced use of 4D to include RFID tracking of deliveries and installations to update the 4D model in near-real-time. The use of HoloLens to perform clash-detection will also be demonstrated.


Metisplan – Nathan Targett 

Metisplan produced a fully logically linked and coordinated 4D model of all work train movements into and around the worksite and contractors workspaces along the 2km rail re-modelling project between Edge Hill and Liverpool Lime Street station. This complex infrastructure project using a 4D Programme became the Winner of Synchro Software Digital Construction Awards. Find out how Metisplan enabled substantial savings and accurate time management on the project.


NeuralRays AI – Tony Scott

Transformation involves the integration of innovative technology into all areas of the enterprise, fundamentally changing how it operates and how it delivers value. Data science can extend aspirations beyond design and construction into whole life asset utilisation, but this requires letting go of traditional time-based revenue models. The two key questions to answer are: Who in the C-suite should be leading this transformation, and once we’ve identified them, how do we help them?


CoubariDerrick Madir 

Practical cyber security doesn’t have to be expensive or confusing. Coubari specialises in providing IT infrastructure and support for firms in the construction and engineering space. Derrick will share anonymised stories of close calls and how you can avoid them to secure your business.



thinkproject – Adam Lamping

Fresh off winning the prestigious Fehmarn Belt mega project thinkproject will be sharing tales of that and other UK successes. After being so successful in mainland Europe with their Common Data Environment, thinkproject has set about widening its geographic spread and value proposition by adding BIM Management and CEMAR for Contract Management into its portfolio. thinkproject is now in the midst of developing an integrated platform to consolidate their suite of cloud-based solutions, with the aspiration to be the leader in construction intelligence.


Risk DecisionsVal Jonas

Visualising the major risk drivers across your organisation is key to management decision-making. So, Risk Decisions teamed up with a major international infrastructure company to deliver a new interactive capability, giving powerful insights into how connected risks impact project and business outcomes. Delivered as part of their company-wide digital transformation program, decision-makers can see and understand the cascade effect that even small risks can have. This latest innovation and exciting addition to Predict! takes a uniquely dynamic, forward-looking approach to risk.


BP Shah Deniz Case StudyRichard Rowberry 

Projects don’t get any larger than this. Richard will give an overview of the Shah Deniz Phase II mega-project and highlight how assurance with Deltek Acumen Fuse enabled fasttrack contractor schedule turnaround on an already time constrained programme of works.


Flowledger – Rhys Tanner

From several years of studying the approaches of lean and six-sigma application in manufacturing, the team at FlowLedger have developed a unique type of smart ‘pull system’ that translates these principles into a performance efficiency web application that promises to save significant time, money and world resources. As the platform’s data warehouse grows, machine learning makes the recommendation engine smarter, continuously improving project performance.