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June 4th Agenda


01 – Extranet EvolutionPaul Wilkinson

Deciphering the “Alphabet Soup” of standards and initiatives relating to construction technology.

An overview of the latest developments in the market from one of the UK’s leading bloggers and visionaries. Paul is a freelance writer and journalist, PR and marketing professional, and has worked in the construction industry since 1987. In Extranet Evolution, Paul has covered the latest developments in Software-as-a-Service, mobile, social media and data relating to the AEC and other sectors since 2005.  Link to Extranet Evolution


02 – Archdesk  – Filip Moscicki

Customer Success with Archdesk! Achievements come faster and smoother when you adapt to the workflow of the client rather than the other way around.


03 – Resolving International – Chris Woodbridge

Manage operations and reduce risks with trusted information exchange and progressive analysis.

This case study is about supporting a large owner operator with over 4000 logistical buildings worldwide. Resolving is a digital platform allowing project delivery, asset operation and construction teams to access and collaborate on critical design, construction and operational data, documents and processes in the field and when offline. It provides an easy way to visualise the built asset and navigate to critical component data, documents and compliance records while creating a digital record of the built asset ready for asset owners and operational teams to ‘connect’ with and utilise. Link to References and Case Studies.


04 – Safran SoftwareRichard Wood

What does the job of Risk Manager look like in 5 years? Richard Wood and Chris Ritson from Safran talk about their vision of the future and how the increasing pace of technological innovation will change and mould the role of anyone managing risks in complex projects. Link to thought leadership video

June 5th Agenda


05 – Gammon ConstructionDavid-John Gibbs

DJ will share his experiences and opinions on how digital ways of working could reduce the likelihood and severity of disputes.


06 – UniPhiMark Heath

Distributed data capture as a method for controlling complex projects, large programs and portfolio management – A case study on Easing Sydney Congestion. Link to download PDF

UniPhi produces innovative web and mobile P3M3 solutions to assist organisations manage their portfolio of projects. The key difference and the thing that makes UniPhi software unique, is that it supports all aspects of project work. UniPhi enables effective collaboration by all members of a project, from managers right through to the completion of work by team members. 


07 – Afterpremise APDocs – Brian King

The APDocs platform enables organisations to reduce costs and improve efficiency with intelligent automation, flexible workflows and robust document storage in a modern, mobile software solution built on the AWS platform. A simple pay-per-use pricing model, paying only for what you use, not for the number of users while providing accessibility for contractors, sub-contractors and third parties as needed without additional license costs to the project. As a highly efficient document management system, APDocs has a proven track record in delivering complete and comprehensive documentation for the most complex of projects. In this session Brian will share the Indura Case Study, a white label implementation of our APDocs solution. 


08 – Turbo Chart – Linear Project SoftwareSantosh Bhat

Why John Holland have selected Turbo-Chart to visualise their linear project schedules, transforming existing data into Time Location charts in minutes.

Turbo-Chart is a new tool for creating Time Location charts, also known as Linear Schedules or Time chainage diagrams. Turbo-Chart takes an elegant approach to visualizing linear project schedules, transforming your existing data into Time-Location charts in minutes. Turbo-Chart works with your chosen scheduling tool. Your time location chart updates instantly as your schedule changes, so there’s no need to duplicate your work. Link to introductory video

25 of June Agenda


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