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July 9th Agenda

Building Information Management 


Infrastructure and Projects Authority  – Dr David Hancock 

Following the COVID crisis there is a golden opportunity to change the face of construction for the better; deliver sustained value for money, be more stable, more productive and more competitive. The government’s side of the bargain is to bring to market between £29 billion and £37 billion of contracts across economic and social infrastructure over the next year.

In return the expectation from industry is they will ‘step up to the plate’. It must maintain stronger supply chains, set training standards, develop and apply new technology to improve productivity, introduce higher levels of standardised components and follow fair payment practices. The Government is deeply serious about working with partners and across sectors to improve the delivery of projects and drive innovation in infrastructure. This will be a central pillar of our National Infrastructure Strategy.

Download the National Infrastructure and Construction Procurement Pipeline 2020/21 document from the IPA website.


Bentley Systems – Project iTwins – Glen Worrall

While there is plenty of talk about how the National Digital Twin is targeted at physical assets, Bentley have been working with projects on how to use Risk iTwins and Cost iTwins to provide immediate feedback to project teams on iTwins. Glen Worrall will work through two scenarios where users are seeing immediate feedback from their iTwins.


SPI – The Remodelling of Kings Cross Railway StationSimon Wray

London’s King’s Cross railway station is one of the busiest stations in the United Kingdom, serving close to 40 million passengers each year. But it has been 25 years since any major intervention has taken place on the railway, and it is now in need of some major renewal and remodelling work.

Specialist Project Integration (SPI) are undertaking this massive £250 million project. Find out from Simon how success is being assured through the use of their digital twin platform.


Buildots – Patrick Scannell

Buildots AI leverages the capacity of a simple hardhat mounted camera and state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms to track all activities on-site, and provide you with the information necessary to make the best decisions. As well as this, the footage is overlaid with the BIM model ensuring a constantly updated digital twin of your project.

Learn from Patrick how the tool has worked successfully and how it has helped projects with snagging, cost control, record management, dispute reduction and more.


Chapman TaylorAndy Hudson

Chapman Taylor Architects is a global practice of award-winning architects and masterplanners. In the post-COVID era, their clients will benefit from even higher standards of quality and consistency of design information due to the consolidation of their existing information management systems and data silos within the Microsoft365 platform.

A key aspect of the company’s switch to the new format was a collaboration with AEC technology expert Nittygritty to develop Atvero. Microsoft365-based Atvero is a record management system which provides a single pane of glass for contractual deliverables, capable of being authored and published from anywhere. Technical Director Andy Hudson will recount Chapman Taylor’s digital transformation from inception to deployment while providing a glimpse of the future direction for

August 13th Agenda

 Project Controls


Bentley Systems Keynote  – Mark Coates

Covid recovery presents an opportunity to create an innovation culture. New modern methods are gaining traction and delivering success to asset owners and their supply chains. This is leading to better processes, improved productivity and increased output, particularly when combined with offsite manufacturing technologies.


InEight Schedule  – Dan Patterson

This session will introduce the latest thinking in next-generation scheduling – enhancing the already proven science of CPM. Overcoming traditional forecasting challenges, a new AI-based approach to modeling schedule and driving towards a more achievable risk-adjusted forecast is discussed. 


Nodes and Links – Greg Lawton

The Aegis platform from Nodes and Links helps project experts make better decisions using data-driven predictions and visualisations. The world’s first hybrid-collective intelligence, Aegis understands what drives project success, learns from history and across projects, and works with people to deliver project outcomes successfully.  Aegis allows Complex Projects to achieve performance levels previously considered impossible. Learn from Greg where and how the platform has been applied successfully. 


SablonoLukas Olbrich

Sablono offers the first Construction Execution Platform to manage and collaborate on tens of thousands of activities during project delivery. The solution is implemented in major projects internationally such as 150 Bishopsgate in London, Dubai Uptown Tower and Tour Mohammed VI in Morocco. Get a glimpse at what project delivery looks like when construction projects are executed on a digital production management system.


PMWeb – Stefan Hollak

ZEISS case study focusing on the corporate real estate management processes. Learn how ZEISS harmonised the brand experience, provided greater transparency and improved data management relating to requirements, effort, costs, space and services.  This resulted in faster decision making based on defined gates within their matrix organization. Link to press release

September 10th Agenda

Commercial, Cost Management and Forensic Analysis for Disputes


Spider Project System – Vladimir Liberzon

An exploration of the different approaches used by Russian organisations to project planning and performance analysis.  Spider Project System was used for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games (>380 projects, $50B budget), construction of all stadia used for 2018 FIFA World Cup, the Crimean Bridge and others.


Metisplan – Liverpool Lime Street case study featuring Bentley Synchro – Nathan Targett 

Metisplan produced a fully logically linked and coordinated 4D model of all work train movements into and around the worksite and contractors workspaces along the 2km route between Edge Hill and Liverpool Lime Street. Liverpool Lime Street is a main terminus station serving the city of Liverpool and a branch of the West Coast Main Line Service from London Euston, as well as for TransPenine Express trains. Opened in 1836, it is the oldest grand terminus mainline station still in use in the world. Due to the ageing track, changes in standards, signals, rail usage and technology a £340m investment programme has already commenced, with the main bulk of the works taking place over 23 days in October 2017 and subsequent stages with completion in Summer of 2018.  The Liverpool Lime Street 4D Programme became the Winner of Synchro Software Digital Construction Awards 2017 – Specialist Project Category. Metisplan’s Nathan Targett was recognised as Finalist in the Digital Construction 4D Planner of the Year UK 2017.


Roy IrvineCIONET 

Horizon Nuclear Power case study – Roy explains how a critical national infrastructure project in the UK utilised Oracle Aconex. Working in a highly regulated industry with a multi-national supply chain they delivered a highly secure, user friendly and vendor agnostic platform that provided a complete audit trail of decisions and documentation.  Link to case study.


NeuralRays AI – Tony Scott

Transformation involves the integration of innovative technology into all areas of the enterprise, fundamentally changing how it operates and how it delivers value. Top companies are embracing the cultural and organisation changes needed to respond to disruption and transforming themselves into the leaders of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In AEC this includes using data science to extend aspirations beyond design and construction into whole life asset utilisation, and being willing to let go of traditional time-based revenue models. The two key questions to answer are: Who in the C-suite should be leading this transformation, and once we’ve identified them, how do we help them?


Dispute Data Charlie Woodley

Providing people, process and technology to streamline labour intensive business processes and effectively piece together highly fragmented facts to improve project control, decision making, or for use in claims or disputes. Case study showcasing a new AI powered document management system.

October 8th Agenda

Predictive Analysis, Risk Management and Business Case Development


PM FocusDan Patterson 

Next Generation project advisory services from the worlds leading project management software entreprenuer. 




BP Shah Deniz Case StudyRichard Rowberry 

Projects don’t get any larger that this. Richard will give an overview of the Shah Deniz Phase II mega-project and highlight how assurance with Deltek Acumen Fuse enabled fasttrack contractor schedule turnaround on an already time constrained programme of works.


Thames Tideway Case Study – Niall Faris, Th3rdcurve

The scale of the investment to support Tideway meant an innovative
method was required for funding, where new investors own, build, manage and maintain the tunnel, in return for a fee charged to homeowners and businesses through Thames Water’s bills. This method of funding was the first of its kind and presented important challenges from a Project Controls perspective to secure and maintain confidence with investors. Deltek Acumen was a key part of the solution. Link to case study

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