A Glimpse of the Future of Project Controls – 28 Nov – City of London



Attend this event to meet innovative companies changing the nature of large, capital project delivery.

As projects grow in complexity and present greater risk, effective management and control is proving to be more challenging than ever. To improve margins its critical to make use of technological advantages as they emerge. With radical improvements in the ease with which software systems can be developed there is now a flood of innovation onto the market. How do you know which is worth examing further?

Our Glimpse of the Future event gives a forum to outstanding innovative companies who are new on the market. Meet the people behind the most interesting advances we have found letting them take your questions in an audience of your peers. Each presentation will be limited to 15 minutes. After all the presentations we will break into groups for further discussion, one-on-one demonstrations and networking in a beautiful environment with a fantastic view of The River Thames.

This “Glimpse” event format is ideal for people who are interested in innovation but time poor. Its for people who believe in the importance of meeting face to face with vendors when considering technological solutions.

See testimonials from past attendees at the very bottom of this text box!


12:00 – Registration and lunch
13:30 – Andy Candler, The Creative Engine
13:45 – Dr Dan Patterson, InEight BASIS
14:00 – Ari Isaacs, ShapeDo
14:15 – Carlos Adams, Aphex
14:30 – Break
14:45 – Lukas Olbrich, Sablono
15:00 – Samuel Jaeger, BuildSafe
15:15 – Russell Johnson, Turbo Chart
15:30 – Tony Llewellyn, Resolex
15:45 – Break
16:00 – Nathan Lambert, FastDraft / BuiltIntelligence
16:15 – David Dunning. Chase
16:30 – Niall Faris, Th3rdcurve
16:45 – Presentations end – Discussions with sponsors, demos and networking with cash bar
18:00 – Event ends

Location – Link to Little Ship Club Venue Website – Recommended entrance is off Southwark Bridge

About the Companies

Aphex Planner is a short-term planning tool that encourages efficient, collaborative planning. Planner is a replacement for traditional look-ahead programmes that uniquely features clash detection to help projects sequence their works both efficiently and safely. It also has powerful statusing capability designed for tracking root cause analysis. https://aphex.co

ShapeDo offers a solution to eliminate unmanaged change. ShapeDo will present how coupling a drawing comparison technology with robust processes enables full control of design change impact on program, cost and delivery. Discover a simple yet novel way to improve your commercial position and dramatically reduce project risk. https://shapedo.com/

BuildSafe – In less than three years BuildSafe has gone from zero to market leaders in Sweden with customers like Skanska now implementing the solution on all sites. BuildSafe uses the existing Health and Safety functions to involve all parts of the supply chain on site to gather data and solve problems that might otherwise negatively affect the production process. BuildSafe’s customers succeed because of better project controls where site management can monitor KPI’s and deploy resources in time, based on actual data, to reach internally communicated goals and targets that lead to a successful project delivery. https://www.buildsafe.se/en/

Safran Risk can be used right through the project life cycle, from discovery, identification or bid phase to perform a cost only risk analysis, all the way through planning, execution and closeout. It seamlessly combines advanced project schedule, duration, and cost features for ultimate analysis integrity. https://www.safran.com

Resolex – Learn how psychology and technology can be leveraged within the governance of projects to improve risk monitoring, collaborative working and stakeholder engagement. http://www.resolex.com/

Turbo-Chart – Forget multi-page Gantt chart printouts and see the big picture on just one page using Turbo-Chart time location charts. They can be created manually or directly from your schedule in p6 or MS Project etc in seconds. http://www.turbo-chart.com/

The Sablono Platform for process and supply chain management has been implemented in major projects across the UK, Middle East and Europe and provides an unprecedented ease of management of complex processes throughout the supply chain across company borders. Learn how projects like London Greenwich Peninsula, Louvre Abu Dhabi or Humboldt Forum Berlin gained real-time insights into project delivery by implementing one central digital platform for process management of all trades involved. https://www.sablono.com/en/

FastDraft from Built Intelligence is an easy to use contract management platform, enabling consistent drafting and management of contracts, monitoring of performance and increased control over project outcomes. FastDraft has been designed by leading experts in NEC contract management to be the most comprehensive, intuitive and user friendly, and cost effective platform on the market. The system provides visual representations of your contractual project workflow to enable actionable measurement of timescale, liability & risk to maximise profitability for all parties. https://gmhplanning.co.uk/fastdraft-construction-contract-management/

Chase Management Services – Many of us work for organisations with effective project controls comprising of capable people, effective process, best of breed tools and dedicated support. However many of us will happily state that our meetings are poorly prepared for, inefficient, dysfunctional, deliver less outcome than expected and do not have consequences. We are building a tool for Governance Operation to enable the hard and soft data we use for governance meetings to be probed via dashboards plus the ability to generate actions, notes, risks and decisions interactively within meetings. Chase Management Services

Speaker Bios in Alphabetical Order

Carlos AdamsAphex Carlos has a diverse commercial background, from product development and marketing through to project management and analysis in the engineering, design, utilities and energy sectors. Carlos is also a specialist in the built environment and its relationship with new technologies and sustainable development. Seeing a disconnect between construction projects and the methods, processes and platforms used to complete them on time and within budget, Carlos co-founded Aphex.

Andrew CandlerThe Creative Engine – Andrew has spent the last 30+ years developing and promoting interactive digital experiences. His client list includes Google, Microsoft, Sonos, Intel, IBM, DixonsCarphonewarehouse and many other top brands.

David Dunning Chase Management Services – David has been active in the portfolio, programme and project management business for 25 years. He has provided thought leadership in enterprise project management, portfolio management, and organisational change through client solution delivery and presentations for the APM, PMI and various other exhibitions and forums.

Dr Dan Patterson InEight Basis – Globally recognized project analytics thought leader and software entrepreneur. With 20 years of experience & three highly successful Project Portfolio Management software companies under his belt, Dan has a unique combination of solution innovation combined with extensive project management experience including advanced scheduling, risk management, project analytics & artificial intelligence. Most recently, as CEO and founder of Acumen, Dan organically founded, grew & nurtured this now widely recognized industry leading project analytics company. Acquired by Deltek in 2013, today, Dan’s most recent product inventions (Acumen Fuse, 360 and Acumen Risk) are used by thousands of Fortune 500 project controls specialists. Dan drives a reputation for making complex business challenges simple and this is reflected in his passion for software usability and innovation. In 2012, Dan was awarded Innovator of Year for the invention of the widely accepted Fuse Schedule Index™. In the same year, Acumen achieved a high ranking on the Inc 500 US Companies list as well as being recognized as one of Austin, TX’s fastest growing organizations.

Ari IsaacsShapeDo – Ari consults for major construction and infrastructure projects where he has developed a deep knowledge of dispute avoidance and resolution. Ari has helped parties in conflict to resolve disputes leveraging technology and processes to ensure effective project control. ShapeDo specialises in drawing-driven distressed project recovery, delay analysis and dispute avoidance and resolution.

Samuel Jaeger BuildSafe – Sam signed his first construction contract at the age of six and never stopped thinking about the future of construction. One of his first decisions as the CEO for a main contractor in Stockholm was to equip every employee with an Iphone, an email account and Dropbox in 2010. He also managed to choke his site managers with administrative burdens as he was trying to improve the business from a top management perspective. This question eventually became the starting point for his new company; How can we improve our operations and gather the data we need to analyse the results at site level, without adding additional resources? The answer became BuildSafe.

Tony Llewellyn Resolex – The session will explain the concept of Early Warning Signals and set out how a team leader can use up-to-date feedback data to build and maintain cohesive team behaviours and improve project performance. The key is to take some time to work out the most useful questions to ask, as they relate to a particular stage of your project. By gathering data on a periodic basis one can spot trends and identify the specific needs that need to be addressed.

Russell JohnsonTurbo-Chart Rusty has been developing project software for over 20 years. In addition to Turbo-Chart he is also a Co-Founder of SharpCloud Software Ltd who won a Gartner Cool Vendor designation in 2015. Rusty was previously the CTO of Pertmaster Limited before its acquisition by Primavera when he became VP of Analytics.

Lukas Olbrich is CEO of Sablono and has been working in the field of digital construction since 2007 in numerous positions. He co-founded Sablono in 2013 with the vision to make complex construction projects transparent for everyone involved. In 2017, he was named “Innovator under 35” by the MIT Technology Review for his achievements in major construction projects such as the Greenwich Peninsula Upper Riverside in London.

Glimpse Testimonials

Andrew King, Senior Planning Manager at Morgan Sindall – “I attended one of Phil’s “Glimpse into the Future of Project Controls” conference recently and of the eight supplier demonstrations I have found five that can help my business and I’m in the process of following up with each of them. Without Phil organising such events I may not have come into contact with these suppliers and missed a great opportunity.”

Steve Postles, Project Controls Professional – “A very innovative and efficient format making great use of time with a number of “bite size” presentations and the opportunity to delve further into those of most interest in a pleasant, comfortable environment.”

Katrin Enders, Head of Forensic Delay Analysis (Rail), Costain – “I thoroughly enjoyed the event as it combined insights into a variety of strategies to address the complex issues that are encountered during complex project delivery.”

Nithya Venkatesan, MBA Candidate – “There were some very good speakers and there is always something to learn that I get from attending events. Very well organised event with top industry experts. Looking forward to more in the future.”

Richard Wood, CEO, Safran Software Solutions – “I attended and presented at Phil’s recent conference ‘A Glimpse of the Future’, which was very worthwhile. Phil did a great job getting a good mix of software suppliers and prospective users together, and it worked really well as both an educational/informative session and networking event. Time well spent.”

Andy Candler, CEO, The Creative Engine – “Phil is really good at spotting opportunities and putting the right people together to create success. Call it whatever you want; sales, networking, common sense, but he has the skills in making sure that he is talking to the right people at the right time. I have had the pleasure of knowing Phil for over 20 years and his latest venture, ABSolutely with its unique Glimpse event format, provides us with insight and direction into markets we normally would not explore.”

Adam Couch, Head of BIM at Optimise – I found the session a wholly worthwhile event to attend where Phil has been able to group together like-minded professionals in presenting their products in relation to the industry’s rapid advancement in technology. Many of us are looking for solutions within our businesses that is not offered by the BIG software providers and here Phil provides the stage and the opportunity for the more open thinking innovators to share with a more collaborative audience that are able to pitch in with ideas and opinions. Such an open forum is critical for us to be able to openly discuss and develop the tools we need in the industry and Phil is providing that stage and mouthpiece with the Glimpse of the Future sessions. An invaluable event to attend.