Project Controls – A Glimpse of the Future



Attend this event to meet five innovative companies changing the controls sector for large capital project delivery.

As projects grow in complexity and present greater risk, effective management and control is more challenging than ever. To keep pace we need to improve our operations and use every technical advantage just to keep up.

For this event project control veterans have brought together companies that offer the best technologies from around the world (UK, Israel and Australia).

In each session, these companies will present their offerings giving a quick glimpse into how the future of the project controls industry is changing while at the same time giving a practical means to implement in your organizations tomorrow.

David-John Gibbs of HKA will be keynoting each session. He has extensive experience with the practical deployment of emerging technologies in the area of dispute avoidance and resolution.

Each presentation will be limited to 20 minutes. There will be two identical sessions running from 9:00-12:00 and then from 13:00-16:00.

These are the five companies presenting:

– ShapeDo – Use the power of cloud computing to find the differences between engineering drawings at speed and scale.

– Turbo Chart – Create time location drawings quickly and efficiently from Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project.

– Enstoa – Learn how Primavera Unifier is being used to manage complex capital projects with increased efficiency, standardization and control.

– ProjectControlsOnline is the largest global repository of Project Controls information. They also run Project Controls Expo each year at Emirates Arsenal Stadium.

– Resolex – learn how psychology and technology can be leveraged within the governance of projects to improve risk monitoring, collaborative working and stakeholder engagement.

There will two identical sessions running from 9:00-12:00 and then from 13:00-16:00.

Agenda as follows:

9:00 – 9:20 – Arrival and networking

9:20 – 9:40 – Ari Isaacs, ShapeDo

9:40 – 10:00 – Tony Llewellyn, Resolex

10:00 – 10:20 – Santosh Bhat, Turbo Chart

10:20 – 10:40 – Rhys Priestman, Enstoa

10:40 – 11:00 – Phil Shatz, Project Controls Online

11:00 – 12:00 – We will then break into five groups with delegates enjoying free-form discussions with representatives from each of the five companies who have presented.

Agenda then repeats at 13:00

Presentation Details

Ari Isaacs – ShapeDo – Balancing burdens of proof in dispute avoidance and resolution

Good governance of a construction project requires a delicate balance between the commercial realities and legal terms that guide the project. A central and often overlooked aspect of the commercial balance of construction contracts is the allocation of the burden of proof for the realization or shifting of contractual rights regarding scope and timeline. In an ideal project setup, each party would have the commercial responsibility for those actions they could perform best, and the legal burden of proof on reallocating risks they are best placed to mitigate.

In this session, Ari presents from experience how new practices and technologies have upset the commercial balance of contracts by creating perverse incentives and unrealistic burdens of proof and how some parties exploit this imbalance to maximize their profitability, often at the expense of the success of the project.
Ari will show how smart parties can proactively put controls in place to mitigate the risks created by misplaced burdens of proof and present guidelines to rules, regulations and processes that may rebalance contracts for the benefit of the industry at large.

Ari Isaacs, co-founder and CEO of Shapedo, consults for major construction and infrastructure projects where he has developed a deep knowledge of dispute avoidance and resolution. Ari helped parties in conflict to resolve disputes leveraging technology and using processes and procedures he has designed and put in place to ensure effective project controls and delivery. ShapeDo specializes in drawing-driven distressed project recovery, delay analysis and dispute avoidance and resolution.

Tony Llewellyn – ResolexProject controls are typically useful in identifying gaps in performance. Recognising the symptoms is one thing, but how do you then find the root cause?

Large complex projects are delivered by people from a diverse range of technical, professional and cultural backgrounds. Getting team members to work effectively alongside each other is a significant challenge that is often under-appreciated. Research shows that a high proportion of project issues are interpersonal and behavioural rather than technical or commercial. The RADAR system developed by Resolex is a type of Early Warning System, designed to engage your entire team in a methodology that generates the information needed to identify and manage behavioural risk. The system is part software, part service, and has successfully been used on many major projects.

The session will explain the concept of Early Warning Signals and set out how a team leader can use up-to-date feedback data to build and maintain cohesive team behaviours and improve project performance. The key is to take some time to work out the most useful questions to ask, as they relate to a particular stage of your project. By gathering data on a periodic basis one can spot trends and identify the specific needs that need to be addressed.

Rhys Priestman – Enstoa – Enstoa is a global professional services firm that specialises in capital projects improvement through diagnostic and technical skill.

Learn how Primavera Unifier is being used to manage complex capital projects with increased efficiency, standardisation and control.

Rhys will discuss how to get exceptional value quickly with little risk via Enstoa’s 90-Day Sprint™ implementation methodology. He’ll also cover a case study for a UK client who implemented a fully integrated Unifier Cost Control system in three weeks.

Santosh Bhat – Turbo-Chart Linear Project Software develops tools for owner and contractor organisations to visualise and improve their linear project scheduling outcomes, through the benefits of Time Location charting. Turbo-Chart has been developed from over 20years industry experience and knowledge in Infrastructure & Engineering Construction and Project Management software development. By taking advantage of existing schedule data from popular tools like Primavera P6, MS Project or any spreadsheet data capable system, Turbo-Chart visualises linear project schedules such as Railways, Highways, tunnels or pipelines, easily, quickly and affordably.

Santosh is a Civil Engineering professional with over 17 years of industry experience in Planning/Scheduling, Project Controls and Schedule Risk Analysis. Santosh is CEO of Linear Project Software, developing software tools for linear project schedule visualisation and is also an independent consultant based in Sydney, Australia offering consulting and training services.

Phil Shatz – ProjCon Group – ProjCon Group have multiple lines of business. The majority of this presentation will cover the content and resources available for free on Phil will also discuss the training offerings available through Project Controls Institute and provide an update on the Project Controls Expo events coming up in London on 13 / 14 Nov and Melbourne on 22 Nov

Phil’s main business is Absolutely Low Risk Business Development which provides an outsourced sales and business development service to companies involved with delivering large, complex projects.