Embracing a new era

Construction is Changing

For too long, the industry has relied upon traditional techniques and methods. Now, disrupters have appeared and are bringing the industry into the 21st century in exciting and innovative ways. New standards are evolving and technology is shifting rapidly. Modern methods of construction mean that rapid changes are taking place.

Modern construction is starting to rely increasingly on new technology. The most successful projects are those embracing this new era of digital construction. Those willing to modernise will survive and grow.

If you are thirsty for knowledge, intrigued by technological advances but time poor, Glimpse is for you.

Our Events

The Format

Each event brings together a selection of new construction tech companies. Each company is connected in its desire to improve the industry, but differ in the ingenious ways they use modern technology to improve the construction process.

With just fifteen minutes each, you’ll hear how their product has improved construction in focussed case studies. No sales pitches, just 15 minutes of true results.

Our events attract tech start-up and industry disrupters but also senior decision makers and some of the biggest construction companies in the industry.

No Sales Pitches




Glimpse of the Future is a series of events focused on telling customer success stories at the intersection of project management, construction and technology. We aspire to be the home for “change agents”, those wanting to explore, develop or trial new ways of working. We collect, collate and help our clients tell their stories by putting them in front of an audience of like-minded people.


Glimpse has three objectives:

  • To inform by giving a forum to those with the best success stories to tell.
  • To build a library of the project management case studies by vendor and vertical.
  • To provide a promotional medium for solution providers.

As of Feb 2021, we have held 12 events attended by more than a 2,000 people. Five of these were in-person events and the seven most recent were held online using the Zoom platform streaming to LinkedIn Live.

Of the 80+ presenters over the past two years, at least one third engaged with attendees they met through a Glimpse event. We have numerous testimonials on our Linkedin page, attesting to the effectiveness of our method in building a pipeline for solution providers.

Here’s a quote:

“Of the eight supplier demonstrations I found five that can help my business. Presently I’m in the process of following up with each of them. Without such events I may not have come into contact with these suppliers and missed a great opportunity. “ Andrew King, Morgan Sindall

What Makes Glimpse Different?

Everyone who presents at a Glimpse event has to bring a story of a successful deployment of new technology backed up by a verified customer.  Many are startups or relatively recent to the marketplace, but a few are the visionary leaders of our industry. We only showcase solutions we truly believe have the potential to deliver significant improvements to the way projects are managed. Glimpse events all about good news at the intersection of project management, technology and the construction industry.

Events comprise crisp, 15-minute sessions with a case study focus held together by a common theme. We never have less than four sessions and its unlikely we will ever have more than six. Events are held monthly on the second Thursday rotating through the morning, midday and late-afternoons timings so as to cater for audiences based in the Far East, Europe and the Americas respectively.

We are always on the lookout for the new technologies improving project delivery. If you are a solution provider looking to reach a new audience, please contact us. We’d be delighted to give you the floor for 15 minutes if you have a good story to tell.


“Without Phil organising such events I may not have come into contact with these suppliers and missed a great opportunity.”
Andrew King, Morgan Sindall

“Phil is a passionate advocate of technological innovations in the construction sector… I am grateful for the support he has been giving me getting my own company’s product off the ground..”
Rhys Tanner, FlowLedger

“Keep up the great work Phil, your platform is an excellent hub to understand the latest developments in the ecosystem!”
Camilo Buitrago, PwC

“Phil organised a great review of digital technologies in his Glimpse of the Future… Simon Wray’s demonstration of the simulation of Kings Cross was stunning.”
Laurie Reynolds, Aquamatix

“Phil’s new online format for Glimpse is great. An hour or so each month keeping abreast of new product ideas and the latest project innovations is time well spent.”
Brian King, APDocs

“What a wonderfully organised webinar! Glad I was given the opportunity to speak and will definitely be keen to present again. “
Patrick Scannell, Buildots

“It is a genuine pleasure to know Phil, and can’t recommend enough for clients to get involved in his Glimpse events.”
Richard Rowberry, 4Berri Consulting

“Phil is the ultimate business developer for software-based project management services.”
John Gale, Carvalon

“Thanks for the inspiring session of yesterday morning. As student, I have learned a lot!”
Merna Elgohary, Student

“I thought the whole session was engaging and of high value to online delegates with the case studies presented.”
Paul Daynes, Nitty Gritty

“I thoroughly enjoyed this event. A very innovative and efficient format making great use of time with a number of “bite-size” presentations.”
Steve Postles

“An invaluable event to attend.”
Adam Couch, Modulous

“Time well spent, thank you Phil!”
Richard Wood, Safran Software

“Thank you for organising this event Phil there were some very good speakers and there is always something to learn that I get from attending events. Very well organised event with top industry experts. I look forward to more in the future.”
Nithya Venkatesan