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Glimpse: The Future of Construction

Are you looking to improve the success rate on your projects? Willing to embrace new technology and methods of construction? Do you want to understand new tools coming onto the market that can significantly reduce your time and costs whilst maintaining and improving quality?

Glimpse of the Future events give you the opportunity to look behind the world’s most successful projects. Discover the innovative technology that helped them succeed and find out how technology can improve your projects, save you time and money.

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Each event brings together a selection of new construction tech companies. Presenting companies are united in their desire to improve the industry, but differ in the ingenious ways they use modern technology to improve the construction process.

With just fifteen minutes each, you’ll hear how their product has improved construction in focussed case studies. No sales pitches, no demonstrations, just 15 minutes of true results.

Our events attract tech start-up and industry disrupters but also senior decision makers and some of the biggest construction companies in the industry.

“Thank you for organising this event Phil there were some very good speakers and there is always something to learn that I get from attending events. Very well organised event with top industry experts.”

Nithya Venkatesan

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The Technology Behind Construction’s Greatest Successes

Join our expert speakers, discover the latest changes and keep ahead of your competition with Glimpse of the Future events.

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