Are you interested in learning about a group of fresh, innovative companies changing our industry? If so Glimpse events are for you.

As projects grow in complexity and present greater risks, effective management and control are more challenging than ever. To improve margins it is critical that you take advantage of technological advantages as they emerge.

The event will allow you to meet, network and learn from people at the cutting edge of construction technology and innovation.

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Upcoming Events

No date has been set for our next event. Phil is taking some time due to personal, family issues.

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Glimpse of the Future events are designed to introduce you to the latest innovators in the construction industry.

Each event focuses on a specific area of the industry. Over the course of the year we’ll be showcasing the latest developments in areas like digital construction, investment and developer funding, construction law and project controls.

Visit our events page to find out more about our upcoming events.

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I found the session a wholly worthwhile event to attend where Phil has been able to group together like-minded professionals …Phil provides the stage and the opportunity for the more open thinking innovators… Such an open forum is critical for us to be able to openly discuss and develop the tools we need in the industry… An invaluable event to attend.

Adam Couch, Head of BIM at Optimise

There were some very good speakers and there is always something to learn that I get from attending events. Very well organised event with top industry experts. Looking forward to more in the future.

Nithya Venkatesan, MBA Candidate