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Background: Kajima was building an R&D center

Kajima Building & Design Group (KBDG), headquartered in Atlanta, GA, was selected as the general contractor to build a Research and Development Center at a tire manufacturing facility.  The facility consisted of laboratory and office spaces. KBDG managed the design and coordination process by using 3D BIM tools, an existing drone program for exterior image capture, and 360º cameras for indoor reality capture.

 Challenge: Stakeholders could not track the timely truth

The project team was looking for an integrated solution that provided enhanced outdoor and indoor progress monitoring against their planned model and schedule (4D BIM). KBDG wanted a solution that could support the building of their 4D BIM model by linking BIM elements to schedule activities as well as a system that could generate 3D point clouds from both their drone images and 360° video capture. In addition, KBDG sought a solution that could be used for the entire lifecycle of the project, starting from site works throughout commissioning. They were looking for a tool which not only displays visual progress, but also provides mark-up and measurement capability on both the model and the 360º pictures.


Solution: ReconstructTM was the answerInitially, KBDG conducted reality capture with drones every two weeks during the core and shell phase. Then, during the interior build-out phase, the project performed weekly 360° video walks to capture interior progress. They chose Reconstruct as their one-stop-shop to connect their model, schedule, and the generated 3D point clouds. Leveraging Reconstruct’s Reporter App, the on-site team did daily schedule updates. For any delayed schedule activities, root cause data was captured and analyzed. The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform provided reality timelines and generated all contextually accurate models to provide a 360° augmented reality experience. Overall, combining the model, schedule and reality capture in one environment provided near real-time insights into progress