If there is a sliver lining to the pandemic could it be that large portions of the population have learned that they can be productive without being in physical proximity of their colleagues? Have we learned to focus on harnessing technology for the purpose of releasing latent productivity rather using it as a tool to further our own self-gratification?

As a species we are seeing that the genius of the human condition lies in our ability to adapt. We’ve faced this crisis and responded taking it in our stride. When the next crisis comes along we will look back at this period and draw strength from how we shielded ourselves from those arrows of adversity.

Unarguably there have been huge costs. However some organisations such as those in the logistics sector are seeing extraordinary levels of growth. Management is learning that those awkward people who pressed to try new ways of working are the real heros. This period now belongs to those who have been willing look beyond the established technology offerings to those that are new and emerging. With improved communication the race to find the best vendors is ever shorter with an ever more crowded field. As seasoned veterans are leave the work force the obvious path to monetising their know-how is through new software. Its never been easier to write code.

Our goal with Glimpse of the Future is to walk the fine line between promoting new solutions and finding the ones that have the best chance of making a difference.

Please help us find those game changing, emerging solutions! If you know of a great case study where a new technology has been proven in the field and where the customer is happy to enthusiastically share their experience then I want to hear from you on phil “at” glimpseofthefuture.com. We want to be a vehicle through which those stories get told. We want to be the place people come to learn about what’s new in the construction and project management space.

Next week on Thursday and Friday we will be trialling our new format. Assuming all goes well we will be moving to a regular cadence of four events per month. On Thursdays in the first week of the month Glimpse online events will run in the morning primarily to cater for Asian time zone solution providers. In the third week of the month we will run at midday and in the fourth week in the late afternoon primarily for those in the American market.

Thank you for your interest. Please do attend one of our events. I look forward to your feedback.


Phil Shatz, Weybridge, Surrey, 26 May 2020