Case Studies highlighting project delivery success

Glimpse of the Future: stories of outstanding returns on investment and
immense customer satisfaction in construction, infrastructure and energy.


Examine the world’s most successful construction projects. Discover their secrets and learn how technology can improve your projects.

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Construction is changing

For too long, the industry has relied upon traditional techniques and methods. Now, disrupters have appeared and are bringing the industry into the 21st century in exciting and innovative ways. New standards are evolving and technology is shifting rapidly. Modern methods of construction and project management mean that rapid changes are taking place.

Modern construction is starting to rely increasingly on new technology. The most successful projects are those embracing this new era. Those willing to modernise will survive and grow.

Glimpse of the Future brings you the latest tales of success in using new technology in the construction sector. In fast-paced sessions, you will find success stories from innovators changing how projects are controlled or managed. From the smallest innovations to the largest megaprojects, learn to harness technology that will make a tangible difference to your projects.

If you are intrigued by technological advances but time poor, Glimpse is for you. Join us. Discover what the future of construction has in store.

Glimpse of the Future


Testimonials from past glimpse events

“Found suppliers”

“Of the eight supplier demonstrations I found five that can help my business. Presently I’m in the process of following up with each of them.

Andrew King, Morgan Sindall


I found the Glimpse highly informative, stimulating and rewarding …being introduced to such innovative and value-add products and services increases the advice and guidance I can in turn pass on to my clients.”

Donnie MacNicol



“I thoroughly enjoyed the event, it combined insights into a variety of strategies to address the complex issues that are encountered during complex project delivery.”

Katrin Enders, Costain

“An open forum”

“Like-minded professionals present their products in relation to the industry’s rapid advancement in technology. Many of us are looking for solutions that are not offered by the big software providers.”

Adam Couch, Modulous

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